BinaryX to release Rhino NFT collection comprising 10,000 avatars on June 6

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BinaryX recently announced the release of its upcoming non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection. There are 10,000 unique NFT avatars in the Rh!noX collection, each with a different accessory, facial feature, and backdrop. Rh!noX NFT holders can access different GameFi and Defi applications on the BNB Chain using their Rh!noX avatars.

The Rh!noX NFT collection sale will commence on June 6 at 12 PM UTC at Fair Dutch Auction. Citing BinaryX, participants are required to bring a minimum of 13 BNX and gas fees in order to participate in the event.

Each NFT costs 7 BNX on Binance NFT. The top 20 users who generated the most transactions on the “Rh!noX by BinaryX” NFT Collection on the Binance NFT marketplace during the sale period will have the chance to get a prize pool of 50 BNX token vouchers.

World of Warcraft’s “Soulbound” items are the inspiration behind this series. It also takes a similar approach of connecting the NFTs to their holders’ interactions.

Owners of the Rh!noX Soulbound tokens are entitled to a number of perks, including access to the latest NFTs and GameFi tokens on the BNB chain. Moreover, they will have special access to beta tests for games, NFT whitelists, and DeFi projects.

The project said it planned to grade every Rh!noX Soulbound token and track user actions on the BNB chain using an on-chain behavioral analysis system. A credit score will be calculated to determine the number of perks and benefits Rh!noX NFT holders are entitled to.

Rh!noX NFT holders privilege

Holders of Rh!noX NFTs can look forward to an impressive set of rights and benefits across multiple platforms. Access to the latest NFT and GameFI tokens on the BNB chain, NFT whitelists, VIP access to DeFi projects, special access to beta tests for games, and unsecured credit loans are among these perks.

The individual’s historical behavior is used to determine the credit score. Rh!noX Soul Passes will see the users’ credit score increase over time after progressing through various levels of on-chain activity, giving holders access to the benefits and rights it entails. BinaryX said it would expand its business scope, supporting and integrating Rh!noX Soul Passes into major public chains like Ethereum and Solana in the future.

About BinaryX

CyberDragon and CyberArena, both run on the BNB network, are play-to-earn NFT titles made by BinaryX. Originally, this project was intended to serve as a decentralized derivative trading system prior to its expansion to GameFi and the Metaverse.

CyberDragon, one of its popular titles, is a fantasy RPG with dual tokens. The Cyber Series NFT allows players to recruit heroes with $BNX and earn $GOLD by battling dungeons.

The governance token of BinaryX, $BNX, functions as the platform’s exchange medium. $BNX tokens can be used for many game functions and platform features, including character recruitment and transactions in the marketplace. Additionally, all $BNX holders have the opportunity to take part in the project’s DAO andin significant decision-making processes.

$BNX is the eighth largest GameFi project on the BNB chain in terms of token holders as of June 2022. The Metaverse project is also the fourth most traded by volume. Binance, KuCoin,, MEXc Global, Bitrue, and PancakeSwap are among the marketplaces that list $BNX.