Ethereum-based Fantasy RPG Illuvium launches virtual land sale

Illuvium, a play-to-earn role-playing game (RPG), has announced its virtual land sale. Starting from June 2 – 5, players can purchase virtual lands and take part in an NFT Land giveaway for the chance to grab five Tier 1 plots for free. Such events tend to sell out quickly, enabling buyers to resell their purchases for a higher profit.

Developed in Unreal Engine 4, Illuvium is a top-down RPG built on the Ethereum network. Compared to other blockchain-based games, it stands out for its detailed environment and regions.

Initially revealed in January last year, the game describes itself as “a decentralized, NFT collection and auto battler game built on the Ethereum network”. The popularity of virtual games peaked back in 2021. With the mainstream exposure of Axie Infinity by traditional media, P2E games became a global phenomenon and skyrocketed in valuation.


Illuvium is a fantasy role-playing game where players can explore a 3D open world.

The story starts with a spaceship crash landing on an alien planet with various environments, extreme weather conditions, different climates, and strange creatures. As a Hunter, players have to explore, catch deity-like beasts called Illuvials, and unlock strange obelisks to open access to more regions and fast travel.

During the game, players fight Illuvials and restore the creature’s health after defeating them. The Illuvials will then accompany and aid players in their quest.

Over 100 Illuvials can be found throughout the open world. Each of them is of a different class with different affinities. The affinities are water, earth, air, fire, and nature, whereas the classes are fighter, rogue, psion, and empath. Certain Illuvials will be better at fighting together than others.

The NFTs representing Illuvials that players collect on the Ethereum blockchain hold real-world value. The Illuvials they collect can be used to battle other players for Ether (ETH). The players are given rare items when they complete a quest, and they can trade them on the IlluviDex market.

Players can also obtain other NFTs, including pets, items, gears, and lands. Players can simply connect their Metamask wallet, and all their assets will appear in the “My Assets” section.

Along with the main Illuvium game, players can also play Illuvium: Zero, an industrial complex-building game that is interconnected with the main game. The land component is added to Illuvium: Zero in the same way that Decentraland and Sandbox have real estate components. The land is procedurally generated in Illuvium: Zero, so players will need to farm resources to build a complex.

Free-to-play vs. paid version

In Tier 0 of the world, Illuvium is free-to-play. Players can learn the mechanics of the game in these areas. Even though Illuvium calls this a “non-abridged” version, to earn NFTs in higher-tiered regions, players must upgrade to the paid version.

How to purchase Illuvium Land

Prior to making an NFT land purchase, users need to complete a few essential tasks, which are the followings:

– Download and install Metamask.

– Set up a wallet on Metamask.

– Purchase some Ethereum.

– Send the purchased Ethereum to the Metamask wallet (ensure that the amount sent is higher than the land price plus the gas fee)

Once it is ready, users can head to the IlluviDex platform and purchase and make their purchase. After linking the Metamask wallet and granting the required access permissions, players will be able to start making purchases.