PlanetQuest, Immutable X to launch world’s first 3D Planet NFT

Terrestrial planet sizes 2, tags: immutable launch 3d - CC BY-SA

PlanetQuest has partnered with Immutable X to launch the world’s first real-time 3D Planet NFTs. In this unique, first-ever project, PlanetQuest and Immutable X enable the community to buy, not just a piece of land, but entire planets of NFTs.

Those who purchase the NFTs can view their planet from orbit in 3D through their respective web browsers. As each of the NFTs is completely unique, the project becomes the first, instantly accessible, real-time 3D NFTs ever sold.

The company claimed the initiative to be “radical” as it bridges a new approach to selling NFTs, which is currently in a boom around the world.

A new approach to NFT sales

NFTs have become a worldwide trend in the present day. However, in the continuously growing hype, there also come several issues, which revolve around the activity of minting and selling the NFTs.

The initiative created by PlanetQuest and Immutable X promotes a whole new sales approach to selling NFTs while also tackling the popular issues surrounding it, from the elimination of gas wars, front-running bots, failed and hung transactions, and crashing websites.

Still, the program also sticks with its aim to ensure the first-ever, real-time 3D Planet NFTs get into the hands of deserving buyers and community members.

“Since coming out of stealth, PlanetQuest has become an instant hit with the IMX community, leaving quite a few of our own team members addicted to its concept and storyline, and eagerly awaiting touching down on the first planets,” said Immutable X co-founder Robbie Ferguson.

“We’re thrilled to see that, in part thanks to our technology, PlanetQuest is able to execute on its vision for a bot-less, gas-less, community-friendly, Planet Sale,” Ferguson added.

More than collectibles

If buying NFTs means collecting as many of them as possible, the NFT Planet Sale offers a new perspective on that trend.

The planets are said to be much more than just 3D collectible items. The planet owners will earn the keys to the PlanetQuest universe.

Furthermore, there will also be additional bonuses that allow the planets’ owners to earn additional Quantum or $PQX. This is the in-game currency and token of PlanetQuest, and it is expected to go public later this year before the game enters Early Access in Q1 of 2023.

Once the Early Access opens up, players can team up with their friends to venture out onto these uncharted planets, and encounter dangerous wildlife or even players of opposing factions.

About PlanetQuest, Immutable X

PlanetQuest is a free-to-play blockchain game with a cinematic multiverse. It becomes the first to offer players the opportunity to own an entire planet. The team working behind PlanetQuest has a shared history in games, Hollywood, and procedural technology.

Inside PlanetQuest, players get the experience of multiplayer exploration and discovery while exploring foreign planets and fending off dangerous wildlife in their search for valuable, planet-altering artifacts.

Meanwhile, Immutable X is the first and leading Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs to enable gas-free minting and trading while not compromising the security of the most used blockchain globally for NFTs, Ethereum.

Immutable X has an established connection with marketplaces such as OpenSea and Mintable. It also powers some of the largest NFT plays across consumer apps (TikTok), social metaverse (IMVU), gaming (ESL Gaming, Ember Sword, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, GreenPark Sports, Illuvium, MyCryptoHeroes+), and launchpad partners (SuperFarm, Epics. gg).