IKONIC to launch world’s first esports dedicated NFT marketplace this year

The team behind IKONIC, the first-ever esports dedicated NFT marketplace, has announced that its service would launch in Q2 this year.

The IKONIC marketplace is specifically geared toward professional players, gamers, teams, and content creators of the gaming industry. The team said that the marketplace was aimed to provide a platform for gaming content creators to socialize with their community.

“The IKONIC platform allows users to immortalize their outstanding gameplay into video NFTs, the next-gen type of memorabilia for esports,” IKONIC CEO Sebastian Ionut Diaconu said.

“Partnerships and collaborations with the biggest names in esports and rising stars to create IKONIC NFT collections, that will be the foundation for an active ecosystem for the fans, creators, and collectors, with extensive benefits for all participants. In addition to the NFT Marketplace, the Indie Game Launchpad allows game developers and the community to come closer together, get access to exclusive content and in-game items.”

More on IKONIC NFT marketplace

Slated to release in mid-2022, IKONIC maximizes the use of blockchain technology in providing gaming creators with earning opportunities from their content through necessary tools, which can be found in the IKONIC NFT marketplace.

IKONIC was created to provide a platform where “players can own their moments”. The team behind the “only esports & pro-gaming NFT marketplace” said that the gaming industry had yet to provide earning opportunities through creating digital collectibles, more specifically screen captures of in-game moments.

IKONIC was built to provide a platform where captured in-game moments can be monetized. If anything can be stored on the blockchain, then everything is an earning opportunity that gaming creators may resort to.

“Esports player’s status as athletes has been disputed for a long time. Creating a legacy through memorable moments captured and stored on Blockchain, earning royalties from these NFTs, and sharing their exceptional capabilities with the world, give them the opportunity to make themselves a legendary or even an IKONIC athlete in the esports world,” Diaconu added.

IKONIC’s future plans

The team said that with IKONIC, making NFTs can be as simple as performing “a few clicks”. Heading further into the marketplace’s development, the team said they aimed not only to make creating NFTs from gameplay easier but also to make the listing process more accessible.

“With only a few clicks, you may print video clips of the craziest and most impressive game achievements to NFT,” IKONIC said. “And they’ll be registered and ready to trade on the iKONIC market in only one or two more clicks. The creators of these NFTs can design them to pay perpetual royalties or even to produce an altogether new revenue stream via the selling of sublicense rights.”

IKONIC also added it aimed to grow into a broader and larger marketplace that features any “game-linked” digital assets, valuable not only for gaming creators but also for the marketplace and its developers.

“iKONIC will be more than a new NFT marketplace. That would be a community—that would be a movement. The iKONIC community’s enthusiasm for gaming is enormous, and we’ll assist them in harnessing it to do amazing things,” IKONIC added.

“We can create a single firm out of these two developments concurrently and capitalize on the abundant synergistic potential between them. Before we go into the specifics of IKONIC’s vision, let’s take a quick look at the current situation of these two trends.”

The marketplace operates using its native cryptocurrency, the $IKONIC Token, which serves as the underlying basis for players, fans, or potential investors to access rewards, bonuses, and marketplace-specific discounts.