Mini Royale: Nations launches new play-to-earn feature to mint NFTs

Free-to-play, browser-based FPS game Mini Royale: Nations has introduced a new play-to-earn feature that enables players to mint NFTs. When leveling up their battle pass, players can mint certain items and trade them on a secondary market.

With the introduction of this feature, Mini Royal, built on the Solana blockchain, has joined an emerging category of games that combine free-to-play and play-and-earn in one package.

Even though anyone can earn items, it will take quite some effort on the player’s part to reach the levels needed to mint them. Staking special, premium NFTs, however, earns players points and unlocks certain items that regular players do not have access to.

Minting an item in Mini Royale requires the item to be mintable. In addition, players need to reach at least level 20 and pay 0.035 Sol minting fees.

Additional requirements, such as level 10 items or higher, will be added in the near future. The game will also soon add a weapon leveling functionality.

Mini Royale’s NFTs come in the form of skins and weapons, not weapons per se. Therefore, upgrading a weapon’s level affects all its versions, regardless of its skin. Moreover, skins are more than just appearances. Skins can also improve performance by allowing a faster reload speed and larger magazines.

Mini Royale: Nations is a land control strategy FPS game

Mini Royale: Nations has more to offer than a first-person shooting game, as its full title suggests.

As stated in the Mini Royale whitepaper, the team intends to combine a land control strategy game with an FPS game. It is unclear exactly how this will work, but it appears that land will serve as a crafting ground, and landowners will earn fees from other players if their land is used. There will also be public land available to anyone.

It appears that there will be a staking mechanism in land control, which is different from ownership. Whoever stores the most guns on land will control the land. Those who control the land are entitled to up to 50 percent of the fees.

There will be no less than seven different currencies offered in the token economy. It may appear to be a bit excessive for an FPS game, but the number of tokens may make more sense once the land gameplay is implemented.

There are several different game modes, including Battle Royale, Capture the Flag, and Team Deathmatch, in the FPS game, which is team-based and features up to five players per side. Playing the game is free, but players who purchase Premium NFT can level up faster and have additional perks.

The game features action-packed PvP matches. Most maps are fairly small and spawn camping is common. That being said, the matchmaking mechanism could use some improvement. For example, level 2 players may be matched with level 50 players or higher.

The game allows players to level up their items, collect battle pass points, and earn character experience. They can also unlock avatar skins and special weapons as they progress. Currently, Mini Royale only supports the Phantom wallet.

Jump into this browser-based FPS game, grab a weapon, and start earning NFTs!