F2P, P2E battle royale title Cantina Royale to launch on iOS, Android, PC

A free-to-play, play-to-earn shooter game Cantina Royale is set to join other titles alike in the market, but with a great number of unique experiences for players to taste.

Cantina Royale is built on the Elrond blockchain ecosystem. The developer team claimed its title to be budget-friendly. Moreover, Cantina Royale was made compatible with Apple and Google. Not only the game offers easy accessibility, but it also allows the instant purchase of NFTs, in addition to other in-app-related purchases.

Cantina Royale aims for accessibility with simple game design

One of the many defining characteristics of Cantina Royale is that players are not required to cash out an insane amount of money to play and access the game’s earning opportunities.

In a bid to make the title accessible and feel familiar to users, the team developed Cantina Royale to run just like any other traditional mobile game for both iOS and Android. Additionally, the team also made their title to be available for PC users.

Cantina Royale game designer Dan Bojan said the fundamental idea of the title was accessibility. Bojan also revealed two of Cantina Royale’s partners, namely Elrond as the game’s blockchain ecosystem and Verko, which was responsible for the title’s payment and wallet management system.

“Cantina Royale strives to bring together traditional gamers and the latest technological advances in order to make NFT games accessible for everyone. We are proud to collaborate with Elrond and Verko to fulfill this purpose,” Bojan said.

Bojan is the leading individual behind Cantina Royale. The game designer, who previously had worked for Angry Mob Games for their hit titles such as Predators, Alien vs. Predator, and Muffin Knight, was accompanied by developer Paul Szanto in developing Cantina Royale.

Szanto, on the other, was involved in Phenomenon Games as their head of engineering. Moreover, the developer also worked for Gameloft and Angry Mob Games.

Other than accessibility, Cantina Royale offers straightforward payment and wallet systems. The developer team has confirmed that purchasing NFTs will not require users to host on each of their ends.

Instead, the solution was to conduct digital collectibles purchases via the in-app purchases feature by Apple and Google. Additionally, Verko’s game server will be responsible to award players seamlessly directly to their wallets.

Cantina Royale raises $4.5 million in funding

Cantina Royale also demonstrated a promising performance during the title’s funding stage. According to reports, the game raised a whopping $4.5 million in funding in a round led by two main investors, namely Elrond and Mechanism Capital. Other notable investors are Crypto.com, Morningstar Ventures, Animoca Brands, Skynet EGLD Capital, GBV Capital, Good Games Guild, Chingari, and others.

Elrond co-founder and chief operations officer Lucian Todea shared the platform’s optimism toward Cantina Royale.

“The adoption model put forward by Cantina Royale has very high chances of breaking through the relatively narrow blockchain-gaming space and reach global audiences, offering millions of gamers with exciting entertainment experiences and zero added friction from the crypto side of things, thanks to the seamless integration of Elrond’s internet-scale blockchain technology,” Todea said.

Voicing a similar tone with Todea was Mechanism Capital co-founder Andrew Kang.

“As P2E has barely penetrated the gaming market, this will change in the next few years with mobile leading the way,” Kang said.