League of Kingdoms to implement P2E system and launch NFTs

Multiplayer online (MMO) blockchain game League of Kingdoms has begun integrating a play-to-earn (P2E) system with the aim to improve the title’s in-game economy. An announcement on Thursday, May 12, 2022, on their official account revealed that the upcoming MMO game will feature non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which players can purchase and use throughout the game’s metaverse.

League of Kingdoms Arena (LoKA), the flagship title for the League of Kingdoms metaverse, has experienced rapid growth with over 150,000 daily and 80,000 monthly active players. The game attracts players worldwide, including from the US, France, Japan, and Hong Kong. Following a significant growth of organic players, LoKA is currently rolling out a powerful P2E system with its Drago NFTs.

NFT Dragos are powerful creatures that can decide the outcome of battles. However, their supply is limited. After the launch of the first Genesis collection, all Dragos must be bred from the existing population. This is where the Play-to-Earn system comes into play. It lets players “invest” in Dragos and develop them in-game. The newly created Dragos will then assist other players or miners seeking to play the League of Kingdoms.

The Genesis collection and an in-game NFT marketplace are set to release on May 30, 2022. The collection will include an in-game utility token called Dragon Soul Token (DST) that can be used for the breeding process.

“We’ve taken care of the fundamentals of making a fun game, and our results speak for themselves,” said League of Kingdoms Co-Founder Chan Lee.

“With the Drago NFTs, we’re now going full steam ahead on interesting Play-to-Earn opportunities for LOKA players. Our vision is that these opportunities must not interrupt the regular experience in any way, which is why we are so focused on keeping the core game accessible and free.”

LoKA was designed and developed with non-crypto users in mind, introducing GameFi features gradually and in a non-mandatory way. It has an easy-to-use, friendly user interface, enabling even non-crypto users and also novices to play the game and earn.

This approach is expected to bring a very diverse community of gaming natives to the game. Hashed, a16z, Sequoia India, and Binance Labs have invested $3M in this project.

$LOKA native token rewards

As mentioned above, the LoKA metaverse provides players with additional energy in the game through its own token, $LOKA. It was designed to boost the energy of the video gaming community and let players easily build their own properties and prosper within the metaverse.

To begin with, the $LOKA token functions as an administration token, used to suggest and approve on-chain propositions on the growth, upgrades, and plans adopted by the area.

Tokens are also used to purchase in-game products such as skins, plans, and items in the League of Kingdoms video game franchise. Furthermore, the $LOKA token will serve as an NFT booster to develop, update, and obtain unique NFT properties including but not limited to Drago and Skin NFTs.

Lastly, $LOKA can also be used as an incentive within the video game, where players can earn it by participating in in-game battles against opponents and completing the video game’s unique tasks.