Createra raises $10M to improve Gen Z metaverse creation

Createra raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz, a.k.a. a16z, to support the company’s plan to create the largest metaverse for Gen Z.

According to analytics service Matomo, Createra has nearly 15 million Generation Z users — half a million builders and 1.3 million regular users in Asia. Createra claimed that the ability to collaborate with others in a group is what initially drew users from generation Z to Createra.

“Createra’s map editor is like a game version of Google Docs! Everyone creates simultaneously, and the experience is more fun and efficient!” Rion, a 15-year-old Japanese team leader, said.

Rion said that his remote team includes students from both elementary and high schools and that each member is responsible for a different aspect of his project’s development.

He explained that creating is no longer a solitary process. He also liked how the efficiency of creating something has “significantly increased.”

An American Gen Z creator praised Createra’s built-in simplicity. The creator said that it only takes one click to post their work and share it with friends, and the same click is all that is needed for friends to open it on their phones or other electronic devices.

Createra said its users who joined the platform as active teenagers six years ago now work as game designers for major studios.

Createra features for metaverse creators

Connie Chan, a general partner at a16z, said that Createra’s robust cloud-based web engine makes it easy to make multiplayer games with Web3 features.

Createra’s powerful cloud-based web engine makes it incredibly easy to develop multiplayer games with web3 features.

Connie Chan, general partner at a16z

Createra users also have access to the one-of-a-kind crypto-native autonomous worlds, which offer features like cross-play and instant access.

All users and developers can benefit from these features, as they give them the resources they need to keep up with the ever-evolving gaming industry in the metaverse.

Createra also allows creators to develop, distribute and play their MetaFi games. The company claims that its platform can have an unlimited number of players, multiple creators and cross-play from anywhere, making it more fun and useful.

In the Createra metaverse, having Land is the equivalent of a creator’s signature. Everything built on the platform’s Land is tradable, including models, games, APIs and other resources.

Users can distribute their metaverse NFT assets on the market and participate in the Createra metaverse creation system. They can also use the platform to create innovative digital experiences that leverage the programmability of digital assets and the benefits of cryptocurrency to secure asset rights and fairly distribute revenues.

Createra’s creators’ tools

Createra enables users to build custom metaverses from the ground up. Currently, creators can choose between two separate creation tools. The first is VOXA, a voxel editor for making models and NFTs. The second one is ARENA, a map editor for making scenes and games.

The VOXA editor, Createra claims, is a powerful tool with a skeleton system that allows users to add animation to their models and make them appear to be moving.

The models that users create are their own personal assets. Users can also use them to decorate their Land, or they can make money off of them by selling them on the market in Createra.

With ARENA, users can edit maps and design their own custom 3D online environments. They can work together in real-time to construct and manage their world with friendly rivals. Users can share the map with the rest of the Createra community by uploading it to the LAND. They can also quickly construct their worlds in any aesthetic they choose, thanks to the vast amount of preset and user-generated content.

VOXA and ARENA are browser-based, allowing designers to work from anywhere at any time. The works can also be easily distributed via hyperlinks. BEATA, a brand-new tool for creating soundscapes and original music, will also be released by the platform soon.