NX3GAMES launches blockchain-based MMORPG AVATARA

Renowned Korean gaming developer NX3GAMES has launched the AVATARA, a blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) action MMORPG for PC, iOS and Android devices. The game comes with multiple server languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

AVATARA aims to offer gamers a more traditional gaming experience that requires little to no prior knowledge or expertise while also introducing them to the benefits of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

With the launch of AVATARA, NX3’s blockchain development platform, NXIO, entered the P2E gaming market for the first time.

Business vice president at NX3, Kyuho Lee, said the company believes that AVATARA’s environment and gameplay would revolutionize the P2E gaming industry in terms of both “content and technology.”

NX3 and NXIO have designed AVATARA’s in-game ecology and infrastructure to promote player-to-player interaction, making excellent use of Web3 technologies inside a AAA MMORPG combat setting.

AVATARA universe

In AVATARA, players explore the world of Moras and take on the role of an outsider, trying to find a lost treasure while defeating enemies. Using an AVATAR, the players’ characters are granted divine power to allow them to do greater damage and earn better rewards.

Players can trade freely with each other, fight other players for the game’s utility tokens (TARA), participate in player-versus-player (PVP) battles and take part in important boss raids with friends and guild members.

AVATARA aims to introduce Web2 players to the exciting world of Web3 by focusing on the “fun of possible embodiments.” In Phase 1, the AVATARA development team will focus on enhancing the “joy of combat” and the “business models and approachability” of the blockchain.

After finishing Phase 1, the team will move on to Phase 2, emphasizing Web3 interoperability to keep players interested and engaged.

Klaytn provides AVATARA Web3 tech

AVATARA runs on the Klaytn blockchain, allowing it to offer a range of Web3 features, including NFT minting, cryptocurrency mining and token swaps.

Klaytn Foundation executive John Cho said that the company is excited to introduce new IP from NX3, one of Korea’s best AAA game studios. He praised AVATARA as an engaging free-to-play game that prioritizes gameplay and story through Web3 infrastructure to grant player autonomy over their virtual possessions.

“Klaytn has established itself as the premier blockchain partner for the global P2E gaming industry due to its low transaction latency and gas fees,” Cho said. “We will continue to improve our technologies to provide top-quality P2E games to a global audience.”

Lee said that the company hoped their partnership with Klaytn would help AVATARA meet the expectations of MMORPG players while allowing them to keep the virtual items they earn.

With Klaytn’s guaranteed 4,000 transaction processing system (TPS) throughput and average latencies of 2.1s, players in the AVATARA universe can use their characters’ NFTs to freely travel throughout Moras and use TARA and governance tokens (NOX) to govern the game’s economy.

Players must first create an NFT avatar to join guilds and engage in combat to obtain rare in-game NFT objects and TARA. Since Klaytn uses blockchain technology, players can trade with each other without any problems. They also have full control over their virtual items.

Players can use AVATARA’s in-game NOX wallet to buy and sell Klaytn’s native token, KLAY. They can also use Kaikas, a built-in web-based and mobile-friendly non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet.

For payment, Binance Pay allows players to spend BUSD to buy in-game goodies and customizations for their characters. Currently, AVATARA NFTs can be traded on in-game marketplaces, with plans for future trading on any NFT marketplaces that handle Klaytn-based NFTs