Crypto Blockchain Industries announces closed alpha for AlphaVerse

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French blockchain technology developer Crypto Blockchain Industries will be launching a private alpha test of its AlphaVerse metaverse on September 20, 2022.

The company will be sending out 500 invitations to test the main Hub area and some of the in-development metaverses. For the alpha test, Crypto Blockchain Industries is looking to showcase the features that make their metaverse project stand out from the crowd.

Among the primary features to be showcased is Community Houses, which lets players create a place for their private community within the metaverse. Each place will have several floors and apartments and has several panels scattered throughout the house where media can be shown. The media shown is controlled by the house’s owner and can include videos, pictures and websites.

Billboards, another feature where members can post static or video content to promote their projects, will also be included in the closed alpha. This feature will be accessible to everyone, allowing anyone to build and develop a community of their own or advertise an idea or brand.

List of planned metaverses

Unlike other projects that focus on one metaverse only, Crypto Blockchain Industries plans to create multiple universes for players to enjoy and seamlessly switch between, using the same wallet and name. All the developer-created universes will be accessible through the Hub.

Below are some metaverse projects that Crypto Blockchain Industries is planning to offer:

MetaCoaster: Rollercoaster-themed park management game where players can compete against other players in a park building competition. The winner of these competitions will earn cryptocurrency to create a play-to-earn experience that rewards players for their skill and creativity.

HorYou AlphaVerse: A metaverse dedicated to social good, sustainability and climate change. As the name implies, it was created in partnership with the non-profit social network Horyou Foundation to gather a community of like-minded individuals that want to make the world a better place.

Qtopia AlphaVerse: Created for the LGBTQ community, this metaverse provides a place for people to connect with each other and share their experiences. Qtopia will allow users to participate in events, mini-games and activities while supporting charities important to the community.

Chi Modu AlphaVerse: A virtual space dedicated to hip-hop photographer Chi Modu, which will also be a place that supports new, up-and-coming artists. The metaverse will offer inspiration and resources for younger artists to pursue their dreams and contribute to the photography community.

Rave-Age: This metaverse was specifically designed and created for the rave and electronic music community. Planned features of the metaverse include watching videos, collecting rave-related NFTs and organizing musical events. Rave-Age will also have exhibitions that discuss and preserve the history of the community and highlight key figures in the genre.

Apex Islands: A digital animal sanctuary where animal lovers can purchase NFTs based on animals — whether they are extinct or extant in the real world. The metaverse is planning to allow players to digitally own locations in the Apex AlphaVerse as well as build places for their animal NFTs to live in. Apex Islands recently sold 1,000 animal NFTs, showing considerable demand for this metaverse project.