Crypto Games Agency launches Big Crypto Game on BSC Blockchain

Following the launch of Crypto Legions v3, Web3 game developer Crypto Games Agency has recently launched their next game, Big Crypto Game, on the BSC Blockchain.

As the creator of one of this year’s longest-lasting play-to-earn NFT games on the BSC network, Crypto Legions v2, Crypto Games Agency is utilizing its experience to build a sustainable play-to-earn experience that will avoid the common pitfalls other NFT games fall into.

Crypto Games Agency wrote in its whitepaper for Big Crypto Game that many crypto games fail due to unsustainable economics and poor developer decisions in times of crisis. When a few long-running players hoard the rewards without contributing back to the ecosystem, game developers tend to implement measures that damage their reputation and hurt the player base even further.

To solve this issue, the company has developed a “Play Forever Earn Forever” that uses various technologies that allow the community to create a new token whenever needed. This system, alongside Crypto Games Agency being transparent in displaying the economic status of its games, lets players decide when the next version of a game or token starts. This feature has already been used to create version three of Crypto Legions which launched earlier in September of this year.

“Our Crypto Games Agency has invented a ‘Play Forever Earn Forever’ system, consisting of a combination of innovative updates including our Transparent Economy Status, our Smart Claim System™, our proven Omni-Balanced Oracle™ System, our Reserve Pool™, and our Reincarnation™ process,” wrote Crypto Games Agency in its whitepaper.

Big Crypto Game’s economy and goals

Players in Big Crypto Game work to create and develop characters called cybers. These cybers are then used to mine for coins, giving the player $CRYPTO that can be used for almost all in-game actions. Rarer coins will be guarded by tougher enemies, letting players strategize and risk their resources to potentially win a big haul.

The cybers can also take permanent damage from mining. This incentivizes players to continue creating new cybers and even sell them on the in-game market, adding a new depth to the game’s economy. All transactions are performed using $CRYPTO with a 15 percent tax paid by the seller. The tax goes into the Reward Pool, which fuels the game’s economy and allows the game to remain sustainable.

A major part of Big Crypto Game’s experience is the Omni-Balanced Oracle which dynamically adjusts the economy. Players will have full knowledge of the Omni-Balanced Oracle’s actions so they can adjust their playstyle and actions as needed.

For example, the Omni-Balanced Oracle would lower taxes if the economy is healthy to encourage spending and allow players to benefit. Conversely, if the economy is unhealthy, the Omni-Balanced Oracle would raise taxes slightly and use that money to attract new players into the game. This system ensures that long-term players can enjoy a “thriving, sustainable economy” as it protects the game against economic disasters.

“The goal of the Big Crypto Game is to become the number one sustainable and lucrative income source for its users, whilst always providing them with an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience,” wrote Crypto Game Agency in its whitepaper.