Apejet To Promote Jungle Safari With NFT Airdrop

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GameFi platform Apejet has announced an NFT airdrop to promote the upcoming Web3 game Jungle Safari. Up to 10,000 Apejet Holders will be able to earn an NFT with varying tiers of rarity.

With only 500 Super Rare NFTs, 1,500 Rare NFTs, 3,000 Basic NFTs and 5,000 Normal NFTs, Apejet users can get a head start on collecting NFTs for the platform’s ecosystem.

Apejet is also planning on launching a Decentralized Crypto Wallet named Amira at the Dubai Crypto Expo on October 6, 2022, to expand its ecosystem and enable users to connect with each other using an integrated chatting service. The release of Amira is an extension of the platform’s goals to bridge the gap between gaming and cryptocurrency by providing developers with the tools needed to build a game and find an audience.

About Apejet’s ecosystem plans

Building on an innovative idea, Apejet differentiates itself from other platforms by allowing developers to raise funds by selling its native token, JET. Players will be offered access to exclusive in-game items and beta tests to incentivize them to purchase the tokens and support the developers.

“Apejet is introducing an Initial Game Offering (IGO) coin offering mechanism to assist developers in raising funds for their projects. The developers will collaborate with investors through beta testing and will provide investors with perks and rare sellable items,” wrote Apejet in a press release.

Developers can also utilize Apejet’s built-in marketplace so developers can worry less about building Web3 features and focus more on the game itself. As Apejet gains more users, developers will have the opportunity to find larger user bases through in-platform promotions, which can be leveraged to generate more funding and build better games.

“Developers in the Apejet ecosystem can be adaptable and adapt the gameplay to whatever is popular in the gaming industry. After completing the prototype, the developers can begin marketing the game to investors, professional gamers, influencers, and merchants in the Apejet ecosystem,” added Apejet.

To improve a game’s community, Apejet is also planning to release a system that allows influencers such as YouTube content creators to monetize their following through a referral system. Players who sign up using the influencers’ link or referral code will gain a reward, and the influencers will also be able to earn some money, effectively benefiting both parties.

“Apejet enables influencers to monetize their followers through a referral system that generates an ongoing revenue stream for every lead, regardless of whether the lead eventually becomes an influencer’s follower,” wrote Apejet.

The platform is also assisting players by letting players mine JET tokens as they play. This, as well as an integrated reward system, will allow players to enjoy games while also earning simultaneously, as the JET tokens can be converted to regular currency at any time.

“One of Apejet’s core missions is to provide players with an unparalleled user experience where they can play their favorite games while seamlessly” mining” JET Tokens… can also exchange the JET Tokens for real money at the exchanges where JET Tokens will be listed,” wrote Apejet in its whitepaper.