Epazz releases Metaverse bridge inspection service

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Cloud business software company Epazz has announced On-Site Remote Assist, a Metaverse software program designed to facilitate live bridge inspections using drones and virtual reality technology. The service will be launched through its off-spin company, ZenaDrone, which recently started offering its drone services for agriculture and livestock management in Ireland.

“On-Site Remote Assist feature can integrate with the Field Service Management Solutions to utilize data from maintenance, repair, or service orders,” wrote Epazz in a press release. “If unforeseen difficulties happen or lack experience in certain situations, it is a great advantage to involve an expert impromptu to solve problems via live video.”

A key feature of the service is enabling multiple parties to view the virtual reality reconstruction of the bridge as if they were on-site. This allows experts to collaborate on projects despite potential geographical distances and allows important bridge inspections to be conducted with a lower set-up required. On-Site Remote Assist is also very helpful if the environment is potentially unstable as the inspection can be conducted without any real people being near the bridge.

The service uses a combination of various technologies such as drones to record footage of the bridge and Metaverse software to create the virtual reality environment. Remote experts operating drones can oversee the on-site situation and communicate with the bridge inspectors to discuss problems and clarify any needed details. For example, the inspectors could request the drone technician to get a closer look at a specific part of the bridge.

“We are combining multiple technologies to create new solutions that very few can offer at an affordable price,” said the founder and chief executive officer of Epazz, Shaun Passley.

Epazz’s blockchain and metaverse solutions

Besides the On-Site Remote Assist, Epazz is also working on a few other projects focused on integrating Metaverse technologies to ease collaboration efforts for businesses. The company is making a full-scale effort to enter the blockchain technology and Metaverse sphere, launching various cryptocurrency projects such as CryObo, which focuses on giving real estate companies access to token markets. It believes blockchain technology can revolutionize and transform current industries by creating new ways of doing business and bridging the gap between online and traditional businesses.

“We believe the true value of blockchain technology is transforming old industries. Real estate industry needs to change how business is done. CryObo will be bringing blockchain technology to one of the oldest industries,” said Passley.

The company is also working on low-cost glasses and VR headsets that allow companies to host meetings and work together through a Metaverse office. Through the use of multiple webcams, the technology can construct 3D avatars of colleagues and enable remote workers to interact with on-site coworkers as if they were there. The key thing that sets the service apart from usual video conference software is the ability to display 3D objects to aid communication between team members.

“We saw the need for teams to collaborate in real-time and interact with their colleagues at work like they are in the actual office. What better way to do this than to extend DeskFlex into the MetaVerse to fill in the gaps?” said the exec.