Flip launches F2P fantasy NFT trading game

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Brian Krogsgard, the co-founder of Flip and host of the YouTube channel Ledger Status, recently announced the launch of Fantasy Flip, a fantasy NFT trading game.

Fantasy Flip allows players to compete against each other by trying to make the highest trading gains, but players don’t have to spend at all to participate. Fantasy Flip is entirely free-to-play and has no restrictions on registration, allowing anyone interested to try their hand at crypto trading.

Similar to other fantasy sports games, players are offered a set budget at the start of each competition. It is then up to the players to spend that budget wisely to obtain NFTs that they think will rise. At the end of the week, prizes are awarded to users that made the best trades.

Every four weeks, the grand prize winner is announced. The users who consistently make the most valuable deals will have the highest chance of being selected. Prizes announced include Flip merchandise and NFTs. The current grand prize is CryptoDickbutt #2097, as announced on Twitter.

“Flip Fantasy is a platform for free-to-play, NFT paper trading competitions. Tied to your Flip account, you’re able to play in leagues and compete against other users for bragging right or prizes directly from the Flip app,” wrote Flip on its official website.

Flip Fantasy’s origins and rules

According to Krogsgard, the game was originally just an internal competition at the Flip so the team could get experience in NFT trading. However, the team enjoyed the experience enough to develop that idea into a full game.

“We played a version of this game internally at @Flip_xyz to get our team to really get a feel for NFT trading and we had a blast. So during our recent team meetup, our awesome team built it out in full and it’s suuuuper slick,” wrote Krogsgard on Twitter, explaining the origins of the game.

The first round of the game starts on October 3, 2022, and will end on October 31, 2022. Entry to the competition may be restricted after the first two weeks depending on the number of participants.

Winners will be contacted through email or Twitter and have three days to respond before their prizes are sent to an alternate winner. The two weekly prizes contain merchandise as well as a raffle ticket for the grand prize, incentivizing players to start early and do well consistently to have a better chance of getting the grand prize.

The only thing required to start playing is a Flip account which is entirely free to create on the official website. Though Flip serves as an aggregate for NFT trading, purchasing NFTs using Flip is not required and will not increase the player’s chance of winning, making the competition fair to all interested. Linking a Twitter account is also needed to collect the prizes but is not required to start playing.

Flip’s official website also mentioned plans to expand the game. Besides hosting more rounds and giving away more NFTs, the option to create a custom league for players to host their own competitions is also being planned.