Escape from Tarkov: An insight into one of the best MMORPGs of 2020

When talking about combat simulators The Escape From Tarkov promises to be among the top Best MMORPG 2020. This is mainly thanks to its versatility, hardcore realism, and gameplay attributes. All features which are making “Escape from Tarkov Steam” one of the most sought-after phrases at the beginning of the year in the videogame niche.

But, What is The Escape from Tarkov about?

This online role-playing game takes place in a fictional region in northwest Russia known as Norvinsk, specifically in an area of special “economic zone” to link mother Russia with the rest of the European continent.

This economic bonanza attracted several corporations with a sinister agenda like flies to honey, which ended up getting involved in a big political scandal centered in the city of Tarkov. A major political and war conflict in which you participate.

Furthermore, this scandal served as a breeding ground for an armed conflict between several powers:

  • The Russian army
  • The United Nations (UN) peacekeeping forces

And, two private military companies: BEAR and United Security (USEC).

The first of these private companies is a Russian government investigation force charged with collecting information against the Terra Group organization that is heavily involved in the political scandal. But they hired USEC to take care of clearing up loose ends and hindering any investigation of the armed conflict.

The story keeps writing

As the armed conflict escalated to a point where the Norvinsk region was isolated from the outside world. The residents and troops are trapped in a local war full of alliances and objects where your main goal is to escape the city.

Escape from Tarkov

What’s so special about The Escape from Tarkov?

It’s a first-person role-playing action simulator with excellent realism details that allows you to play an engaging story as well as enjoy various game modes. The game also offers you to connect with other escapees to develop massively multiplayer online games.

Another interesting aspect that this game offers is that you can choose which side you want to play: With the BEAR team or being a henchman of the USEC Corporation, from there you will have to draw a field where any decision can cause death: Few supplies in an area hit by chaos.

With the passage of the game’s versions, so has a history. Today, Tarkov residents (called Scavs) who have not yet managed to escape the confined area have adapted by allying themselves into armed gangs and have become butchers who will be as dangerous as the other armed teams.

The app is constantly evolving while still in beta development. This way, with a new code patch that solved bugs that the game presented, they also included new weapons and accessories for your character, new scenarios and improvements in the Escape from Tarkov custom maps, with a two and three-dimensional version.

How to play Escape from Tarkov?

The first thing will be to download the client of this game that at the moment is only for PC which you will have to do from the website of the manufacturer ( where you will click on “Pre-Order” get the Escape from Tarkov download.

From there you can choose the version you want to buy. Sorry, but for now you can’t just search for “Escape From Tarkov Steam” or any other game website to get the EFT client.

The game isn’t free; the price varies from 44 to 139 USD depending on the version and the client weighs about 10 GB.

From the same installer, you can access the game, where you can start playing online in its various game modes.

escape from tarkov download

Escape from Tarkov game modes

The escape from Tarkov within an MMORPG with several gameplay options:

So you won’t get bored easily with the massacre and somewhat hardcore scenes that this video game offers. Furthermore, some game modes are:


It is an online mode where you enter the chaos zone to reach an extraction point. However, not everything will be easy and you will have to face not only other players but also some aggressive NPCs with an excellent artificial intelligence algorithm.

In this mode, you can collect everything you find along the way, as well as the items that belonged to the characters you killed. On the other hand, if you die you will lose all the loot you had collected.

Scav Mode:

Instead of being part of one of the armed groups you enter Tarkov custom map as a Scav. This way everything you collect is transferred to your main profile. Besides, if you die you have no penalty. In this mode, you still escape by reaching the extraction point.


This one has the same mechanics as the other modes. With the difference that you can change the terrain conditions and difficulty of the bots. This at the cost of not getting any rewards or experience.


In this mode, you build your hideout and improve several areas. Trough it you get several bonuses among which are producing usable items and improving the basic statistics of your character.