Ex Populus appoints Deeze, Farokh as new advisory board members

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Web3 games developer Ex Populu has announced the addition of Deeze and Farokh to its advisory board. Both are close friends of Ex Populus’ co-founder Soban Saqib and are expected to play an important role in the company’s future projects.

Deeze commented that he’s excited to help the company reach its goal of becoming the industry leader in the NFT space, saying, “I’m excited to help Ex Populus become the best Web3 game developer possible. We’ve been talking closely throughout the last year of building and I’ve been impressed.”

“Tobias, Soby, and the rest of the team have a grand vision for the space and the team to pull it off. I believe gaming + social applications are what will bring the next 10,000,000+ people to the web3 space, and I’m stoked to help in this mission.”

As part of their advisory board, Deeze and Farokh will provide Ex Populus with valuable insight and guidance on their various projects to maximize the potential of their games for the Web3.

As a passionate gamer dedicated to building communities, Farokh is excited to help Ex Populus become an industry leader in the gaming industry.

“As someone who is passionate about onboarding people into Web3 and building communities, I am looking forward to helping Ex Populus onboard gamers into space,” said Farokh.

Farokh also said that the company’s team can attract the best talent in the industry and that he is happy to be working with them.

“I am happy to provide my insights to this amazing team, who has shown that they are capable to attract world-class game and animated film talent to their growing team,” continued Farokh.

In a release, Ex Populus CEO and co-founder Tobias Batton praised Soby for helping the company land the two prominent Web3 figures.

“Thanks to my co-founder, Soby, we are privileged and delighted to have Deeze and Farokh join our counsel of key industry talent to provide their insights and influence the direction of the company and its games,” said Batton.

Attracting world-class talents

In 2022, Ex Populus has been attracting prominent talent to its advisory board, which shows that the company is on its way to becoming an elite player in the gaming industry.

Earlier in March, Ex Populus announced the addition of two new members to its advisory board: Sean Charles, a game marketing veteran and the company’s co-founder, and Justin Woodward, the founder of the Media Indie Exchange. These appointments were aimed to help the company further develop its community of game developers and publishers.

The appointment of Woodward as a board director and strategic advisor of Ex Populus was also aimed to prove the game studio’s commitment to developing its community. He would oversee the company’s various initiatives and deliver value to its players.

Ex Populus has received funding from prominent investors such as CitizenX, Com2US, Animoca, and CMS. Earlier this year, a seed round led by Animoca Brands, which exceeded the Ex Populus’ funding goal, closed with $8 million.

Over the past year, Ex Populus has sold multiple collectible items, such as the LAMO action figures and the Decentralized GigaUnits trading cards. The company is also expected to release a trading card set featuring Mike Tyson’s Iron Pigeons in its first game, Final Form.