First metaverse K-Pop concerts to take place this month

The first metaverse K-Pop festival, 2022 New Beginnings with K-Pop: STAR IZ BORN, will take place this month. It will feature an immersive video and audio VR experience using 360o 3D ultra-realistic graphics.

The concerts provide a one-of-a-kind interactive experience with global avatar viewers. The event aims to bring artists and the audience closer to eliminate the limitations of in-person shows, where it is challenging to enjoy a performance properly due to the distance between the action and the audience.

This metaverse festival is a global event that welcomes fans and artists worldwide with a mission to tackle physical limitations such as venue and movement constraints in face-to-face concerts.

As previously mentioned, the concerts will offer a new experience through the use of surround 3D sound effects. Concert-goers can experience a feeling of being physically present there only with earphones.

Fans can access the metaverse festival on the ASIMULA app for a fully immersive VR experience with Meta Quest. Those who do not own a Meta Quest can enjoy it as a multiplayer online 3D video game-like simulation on their PC or smartphone.

The stages comprise three highlight songs from each Starizborn lineup — AleXa, MCND, KAACHI, W24, and DKZ. As the opening stage, the DKZ stage is free to attend. All that is required is a visit to

Star iz Born stages

Last summer, KOCCA, PISON CONTENTS, The DIRECTOR, ASIMULA, and Bigo Live collaborated to organize a new K-Pop audition program for Star iz Born. It was the world’s first VR concert audition program, open to anyone interested in K-Pop, regardless of ethnicity, age or gender.

The audition resulted in the selection of five lucky finalists, who will travel to Seoul, South Korea, to collaborate with one of the greatest artists of K-Pop. One of the winners is singer Alsa Aqilah from Indonesia, who will perform on the AleXa stage. Aqilah has 10 million followers on TikTok.

Holly S-F, the winner of the UK National K-pop dance competition Produce 101 Reading, will perform on the MCND stage. The KAACHI stage will feature singer Johnny Copley, also from the United Kingdom. Copley creates K-Pop-related content as a composer and lyricist and has 630K YouTube subscribers. Lastly, DJ PiNK from South Korea will perform as HiRa, a virtual human influencer, on the W24 stage.

The event will be live-streamed worldwide over three days, with the first day beginning on November 25 at 8:00 p.m. Chicago CST and the last day starting on November 27 at 8:00 p.m. London GMT. The tickets for all stages and schedules cost $20 on Eventbrite and the event’s Facebook page.

This concert is co-organized by KOCCA and MusicSpray, a PISON CONTENTS service that offers an online platform for music distribution and publishing worldwide. PISON CONTENTS focuses on establishing a sustainable music business by using data science and artificial intelligence.

KOCCA was established in May 2009 following the merger of five organizations — the Korean Broadcasting Institute, the Korea Culture & Content Agency, and the Korea Game Agency — to develop Korea into one of the world’s top content juggernauts.