Game Of Thrones Game – It’s Your Turn To Sit On The Iron Throne!

Online MMORG, console games, slots, – there’s a Game of Thrones game for you!

No matter where you discovered it, whether through George R. R. Martin’s book series that began in 1996, or the eight seasons of the blockbuster HBO TV series that began in 2011 and concluded in 2019, Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy adventure unlike anything we’d seen or read before. The story, about the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and their battle to ascend to power, to finally sit atop the iron throne, has gone from a beloved fantasy hit to a global phenomenon.


But you can do a lot more than read the books and watch the TV show! You can venture forth across the Seven Kingdoms, battle alongside the Starks and the Lannisters, explore the North and The Wall with the Night’s Watch, watch dragons soar high in the sky, and learn to fear the White Walkers and the Night King. Yes, if you want to experience the Seven Kingdoms for yourself, there’s plenty of ways you can with any of the Game of Thrones game tie-ins that are available to you.

There have been many attempts to create Game of Thrones game tie-ins through the years. We’ve seen Game of Thrones on PS4 and X-box consoles, we’ve seen Game of Thrones for pc gamers, there have been massive multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG), such as the 2019 GOT game, Winter is Coming. And for those of you looking to try to amass more gold than even the Iron Bank, there have even been a number of Game of Thrones slot machine games and Game of Thrones slot online for you to play.

With so many Game of Throne game choices available, we wanted to give you a simple guide to what GOT game delights are out there, so you can decide how you want to join in the fight to put YOU on the Iron Throne. But beware, it doesn’t matter what you play… winter is coming!

Game of Thrones game – Winter Is Coming – MMORPG Spectacular!

Frankly, Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming is, we think, the best Game of Thrones game experience we’ve seen yet!

This Game of Thrones game came out for the start of the final season of the TV show, in 2019, and is officially licensed by HBO and Warner Bros. Interactive. It’s a free to play browser based MMORPG, mixing world building simulation, role-playing, strategy and real-time combat behind a great looking interface, solid graphics and great sound features.

Winter is Coming is set just after the death of Ned Stark, and winter is coming to Westeros. Now it’s your turn, as Lord of a great House in Westeros, to take charge and build your kingdom. You’ll get assistance from characters you know and love (or hate!) and will have the chance to shape the future of Westeros. You’ll need to become a great leader, assemble an army, train them, and expand into other territories. And when your territories threaten those of other Lords, Ladies, and Westerosi rulers, it’s time to make use of those armies, in real-time battles, to stamp your mark on the land!

It’s a vast game, with town building, strategy, role-playing, and combat roles. You’ll have chance to build your castle and live like a Lord, recruit and train your armies which you’ll then have the chance to send into real-time turn based strategic battles. There’s also the chance to team up and fight in head-to-head battles.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is a Yoozoo Games/GTArcade game that runs either as a browser based game or through the downloadable desktop version. You can play on Windows, Mac, Linux devices. It’s free to register and play, but as with so many MMORPGs, you can make payments for extras online to add to the experience.

In terms of the Game of Thrones games we’ve seen through the history of the show, we’re loving Winter is Coming; it’s a game that really does deliver on its promises and really brings you an experience worthy of the show!

Game of Thrones on PS4 and consoles – What’s on offer?

When you look at Game of Thrones, you can imagine there would be some great games available – you could do every kind of game from first-person shooters (imagine playing as Jon Snow or Arya Stark clearing out White Walkers from Winterfell!) all the way through to epic role-playing and strategy games. But, what we’ve had hasn’t really lived up to the potential of the show. Thankfully, we’ve got the Game of Thrones game Winter Is Coming to deliver a great GOT experience!

The first Game of Thrones for pc game was Genesis in 2011, based on the books and a pretty poor real-time strategy game. The following year we got the first TV show based game; Game of Thrones on Xbox 360 and PS3. The first Game of Thrones game app, Ascent for Facebook, iOS, and Android, was a fairly decent 2013 mobile game but needed you to pay to unlock the full game.

If you want our opinion, 2014’s Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series is still one of the best Game of Thrones on PS4 or Xbox, concentrating on the Houses of Forrester and Whitehill after the Red Wedding and their rivalry over trees which has blown up into war. After that, 2017’s Game of Thrones Conquest mobile game is a RPG that lets you to play with dragons at the higher levels!

The final Game of Thrones game we’ve looked at is Reigns: Game of Thrones for pc and mobile, which came out in 2018. It’s a fun thing and we really liked it, something of a mix between RPG and dating app where you swipe left or right on the GOT characters to move forward in the story.

Hopefully, sometime in the future, we’ll see more Game of Thrones on PS4, Xbox, and PC that will really live up to the huge potential of this epic fantasy saga! And when they do, you’ll hear about it here at JustGamers!

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Spin the reels on a great Game of Thrones slot machine game

Experience the thrills of Vegas slots and the excitement of Game of Thrones with the brilliant Microgaming Game of Thrones slot online game. You’ll find this 5 x 3 Reel Game of Thrones game at many of the best online bookmaker sites, including 32 Red and Mr Green.

It’s a great looking game, featuring scatters, stacked wilds across all the reels, and attractive symbols for the four Westeros houses of Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen. The game’s got a 95% return to player across the 243 different winning combinations and minimum bets are low, something that’s always great to see, with a 0.15 minimum in the 15 lines game and a 0.30 minimum in the 243 ways game.

But, of course, just like any great slots game, the Game of Thrones slot machine game has a set of features that take you deep into the great Westeros houses, all through the Iron Throne scatter symbols. Land two scatters anywhere for a random cash prize underneath the dragon’s egg that appears, but land three+ scatters to visit one of the four great houses of Westeros for multipliers up to 5x and up to 18 free spins! That’s not all though, every win if the great houses gives you another chance to win with the gamble feature – flip a coin for the chance to explore a map of the Kingdoms with extra winning chances.

It might not offer you the interactive excitement of the Game of Thrones Winter is Coming or the many console games offering you Game of Thrones on Xbox, PS4, or PC, but this Game of Throne slot machine is lots of fun and packed with extra chances to win, maybe not big enough to buy your own Iron Throne, but still an impressive stack of coins!

When you play Game of Thrones game – you win and win!

In the TV show, Cersei Lannister is the one to deliver the line “When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die” to poor, doomed Ned Stark. But, as we’ve shown you, when you play some of these great Game of Thrones games, the choice is win or win!

It’s a spectacular show and an epic fantasy series of books. It may have finished in 2019, but the legacy of George R. R. Martin’s words and the vision of the makers of the show will go on and on. And for fans of the show, and fans of great gaming, there’s plenty of chances to play The Game of Thrones, just as we’ve shown you here.

We’re big fans of the Winter is Coming MMORPG here at JustGamers, and love to head online for a little GOT slot play. We can only hope that, in the future, we’ll to be able to tell you about all the great new Game of Thrones for Xbox, PS4, or PC games, as well as some great games for mobiles. The TV show might be over, but we know that gamers will be loving their Game of Thrones gaming experience for many years to come – and we’ll be telling you all about new releases in everything GOT right here at JustGamers!