Google Play Store approves Sky Mavis’ Axie Infinity Origins release

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Vietnamese game developer Sky Mavis announced on Thursday that the latest spinoff of its popular game, Axie Infinity Origins, has been approved for release by Google Play Store. The company plans to release it in Malaysian Google Play first.

“This gives our team the chance to continue testing and improving the game,” the company tweeted. “Because our Malaysian community is a perfect mini-model for our international community.”

The game’s developer Sky Mavis has been working with the Play Store for the past year. The company wrote on Twitter that Axie Infinity Origins would be the first web3 game to have completed a transparent review process.

Axie Infinity has a unique system that allows well-off players to rent their game’s creatures, called the Axies, to other players who need them. However, this system fell through when the bear market started to improve. This situation led Sky Mavis to work and get Play Store’s approval to continue ahead.

While Origins will be available to download on the Play Store, it has limited features. Players won’t be able to earn tokens since it’s not aligned with the current Play Store policies yet. For the being, Sky Mavis plans to continue working on the app platforms and is committed to their vision of a player-owner digital nation.

Its approval in Google Play Store has increased its game token AXS price by more than 6 percent, with its current value at $7.

Axie Infinity’s updates

Axie Infinity has had several updates over the past few months with more arriving during the holiday season.

In November, the game’s development team said that Axie would dedicate more time to building players’ experience in interacting with their Axies.

On the first day of the Philippine Web3 Festival, Axie Infinity co-founder Jeff Zirlin said that the community would be able to contribute significantly to Axie Origin’s improvements. These improvements included matchmaking, return mechanics, clearer class archetypes and a new energy burst mechanic.

The game had several update stages, with the first focusing on the gameplay mechanics, like Keep, Energy Burst, Bloodmoon and many other tweaks. The second stage’s updates focused on the cards, runes and charms. For the stage three update, the developers made some balancing adjustments in the game based on community testing and overall feedback.

The final and fourth update was Season 2’s final launch on November 23 with all previous tweaks implemented in the game. On the same day, members of the community showcased the game’s new crafting animations for the game as well.

The holiday specials

This December, Axie Infinity released the Raylights update, allowing players to earn in-game Achievement Points and use them to earn a limited-time Seasonal Mineral. This update is available from December 23 to January 6.

This update contains 24 unique Achievements that players can earn by performing specific tasks in the Lunacia, the game’s world. These tasks consist of plant collections, grow-pattern challenges and specific land-type challenges. Some of these Achievements will have multiple tiers. The developers plan to release more Achievements as the game progresses.

Players can also release one to 20 Axies each time to receive limited-edition holiday accessories. This update goes until January 3, and after that, the accessories players have collected will become NFTs in their Ronin wallet. Players can equip body parts, use these accessories to dress their Axies, or trade them. By encouraging buying and trading Axies with accessories, players participate in balancing and stimulating the game’s economy.

There are 20 different accessories available in the game, each one has a different rarity tier. Players can customize their Axies based on their preferences, from elegant to intimidating.