How to unlock Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 secret skin — Geralt of Rivia

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Epic Games has added the highly anticipated The Witcher’s Geralt skin to Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass. Players need to participate in Geralt of Rivia quests to unlock the skin.

Epic also offers special cosmetics to celebrate The Witcher’s arrival to Fortnite. Players can unlock The Witcher items via Battle Pass and School of Llama. They must own the Battle Pass to join the former, while the latter requires them to sign into their Epic accounts.

Battle Pass quests

Players can only obtain the Geralt skin via the Battle Pass route. Page 1 quests are now live on Fortnite, while the second page will be available starting on February 28. On Page 1, players must complete five quests — each offers a special reward — before claiming the skin.

In the first quest, players must activate augments in five different matches. Augments is a mechanic which involves randomized character upgrades. Epic added the mechanic to Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 1.

Since the upgrades are random, players may or may not choose upgrades that can benefit them in matches. Players winning this quest can obtain the Geralt of Rivia Loading Screen.

The second quest is completing bounty challenges. The system will give a specific name, along with a proximity tracker of the character, that players must eliminate. After taking down the opponent, players will gain bonus XPs.

Players can complete the quest in squads to increase the winning rate. They will obtain the Weapons of the Witcher Back Bling upon eliminating all three bounties.

The third challenge on Page 1 is defeating a boss, the Ageless Champion, in the Citadel. Analysts said it would be easier to complete the challenge as a team. That way, players can take the boss down in a firing squad. Completing the challenge will earn players the Muscle Memory Spray.

Players are only required to emote in the Citadel throne room to earn the fourth cosmetic, the Igni Sign Emote. Entering the throne room would be easier once players defeat the Ageless Champion.

The last quest on Page 1 has a higher level of difficulty. Players must inflict 500 melee weapon damage to opponents. Those who have completed the quest recommend others to get a hold of Shockwave Hammer, which is possible to obtain in Citadel.

Shockwave Hammer can cause major damage to opponents in one attack. Players can quickly obtain the required melee weapon damage by landing in the middle of a group of players and swinging the weapon around.

The quest grants players the Witcher’s Steel Sword Harvesting Tool.

School of Llama quests

Fortnite players must sign into their Epic accounts on the School of Llama website and follow the presented track to gain additional cosmetics. There are four paths that players can follow, which Epic will open in a month, one path for each week.

Path 1 is already available on the website. Walking through Path 1 will earn players the Witcher’s Silver Sword Harvesting Tool. Players will get the School of the Cat Emoticon if they can finish all tasks required along the path.

Tasks that players can complete in these quests include defeating 20 opponents and finishing within the top 25 a certain number of times.

Players will also visit a creator-made island from time to time to finish special challenges that can earn them items like the AXII Sign Banner Icon.

In Path 2, players can earn the Geralt of Rivia Lobby Track and the School of the Griffin Emoticon. Path 3 offers an 80,000 XP bonus and the School of the Viper Emoticon. Meanwhile, Path 4 grants players 80,000 XPs and the School of the Bear Emoticon.

Players who walk through all paths and complete the quests will receive the School of the Manticore Emoticon and the School of the Wold Spray. Completing all creator-made island quests awards players with the School of the Llama Emoticon.