Kolex x Immutable X: 100,000 free NFTs for $APE holders

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Immutable X and Kolex are offering free NFTs to holders of ApeCoin or $APE as part of Immutable X’s bid to be ApeCoin DAO’s Trusted Layer 2 Scaling Partner.

The offering is hoped to highlight Immutable X’s system in bridging the gap between complicated and technical blockchains and public adoption.

ApeCoin DAO’s decision to stay in the Ethereum Blockchain has been well received by the community and Immutable X, with the latter keen to keep building trust in the community by collaborating with Kolex to deliver free NFTs to the community.

BAYC’s Otherside

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is one of the most popular NFT collections in the world, and they have been hard at work developing their own metaverse called “Otherside”. Achieving the partnership would mean that the Immutable X protocol would be used to build the Otherside metaverse.

Immutable X scalable platform network would offer free minting, integration and asset transfer through its network. Moreover, the immutable scalable platform network would create zero energy emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly solution to BAYC’s metaverse and an ideal network for the metaverse.

However, Yuga Labs, the organization behind BAYC and $APE, had previously received numerous submissions and suggestions on which network to use, namely Avalanche and Flow, thus creating some competition for Immutable. At this point, it is still up in the air which network would ultimately prove ideal for the upcoming metaverse.

More on the collaboration

Mark Donovan, CEO and co-founder of Kolex commented on the collaboration, “We’re excited to work with Immutable to bring this NFT experience to APE Coin holders and show the community how scalable and fast NFTs on Ethereum Layer 2 can be.”

Kolex’s part in the massive giveaway is to provide and curate the NFTs that will be offered to the $APE holders. The giveaway would cost no $APE to holders.

Anyone with $APE in their wallet as of Monday, August 1, 9 a.m. PST would be able to claim their free NFT pack on [https://apesonl2.com](https://apesonl2.com “smartCard-inline”) from Wednesday, August 3, 9 a.m.

Claiming period is capped at seven days. Any unclaimed NFTs would be auctioned, and the proceeds go to a charity chosen by the DAO, while the rest of the NFTs would be burned after 30 days.

“Immutable X and Kolex are excited to gift this to the ApeCoin DAO community, allowing all APE holders to experience the instantaneous, gas-free minting and trading experience on Immutable X, while directly benefiting the APE token,” Immutable co-founder Robbie Ferguson said.

About Immutable X and Kolex

Immutable X is a scaling solution for the Ethereum Chain with a focus on Web3 games and is considered to be the best Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs, as it allows high liquidity at a large scale without affecting the decentralization and security of Ethereum. Its patented StarkWare technology can handle up to 9,000 transactions per second.

Kolex is a Los Angeles-based NFT publisher and platform. Founded in 2017, it has risen in dominance as an easy-to-use and has the most featured digital and hybrid NFT collections. More than 600,000 collectors have bought more than 250 million Kolex NFTs so far, and more than 28 million packs have been opened. The number of packs sold and traded each year is in the eight figures.