Loco debuts Legends, India’s first NFT platform for esports

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Loco, India’s fastest-growing live game streaming and esports provider, has introduced “Legends”, the country’s first non-fungible esports token platform. On the platform, users will be able to own and trade collectible assets, allowing them to grow their fanbases and enjoy the excitement of esports explorers. Legend, in collaboration with Loco, lays the groundwork for game developers to decentralize in order to commit to the country’s game-fi ecosystem.

Loco Legends made its Indian debut by working exclusively with professional esports teams such as 8bit, s0ul, Godlike, Revenant, Blind, and XO. These top Indian esports teams dominate popular games such as BGMI, FreeFire Max, and Valorant and offer fans the most dependable NFT experience. With 52 million users, Loco has the largest and most active gaming community in each of these categories.

Loco has also developed a proprietary data system that powers the Legends. The system makes use of information gathered from Loco’s extensive tournament schedule. Loco has also formed alliances with top esports tournament organizers such as Villager Esports and Upthrust Esports to guarantee that its data platform is also a top-tier data pipeline.

Loco NFT e-sports cards

NFT e-sports cards, which combine non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with free-to-play esports fantasy gaming, will be among the first Loco Legends assets. Users can buy and sell NFT trading cards among themselves and participate in free-to-play fantasy pools.

Loco is also engineering a one-of-a-kind audience engagement in which users can get intimate with their heroes, create actual connections, and improve their visual experience by collecting, possessing, and trading these limited edition digital collectibles. Each owner will have a limited number of NFTs exclusively available to them.

“As a fan, you’ll get to own virtual merchandise or NFTs and the person can be a part of a game which utilizes these NFTs,” said Loco co-founder Anirudh Pandita.

Loco is also the first company in India to develop a huge consumer system based on NFT and Web3.

“We are passionate about the potential of Web3 to empower creators and create new fan experiences in the gaming community,” said founders Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh in a comment.

They are also planning to provide a user-friendly experience so that users can benefit from the power of Web3 without any complications. They are also confident in the ability of their partnership to assist them in achieving this goal.

“Gamers are the earliest adopters of new technology and our community has shown a strong acceptance for these initiatives. We are excited about providing users an easy-to-use experience so that they can enjoy the power of web3 without dealing with the complexities that other products are often plagued with.”

“We are also pumped about the partners we are bringing with us and the experiences that these partnerships will help us deliver to users. Our team firmly believes that this is a unique opportunity to unlock a new paradigm in gaming and this product is the first step in our roadmap.”

The first 1,000 people who sign up for the waiting list will receive Rs 500 in free NFTs. Because NFTs can be purchased with regular currency, they are more accessible to a broader range of people.

Loco is now available for download on Android, iOS, and the web. Monthly active streamers have increased fivefold since January 2021, and live watch hours have increased 78 times. The company currently employs 85 people, and the count will undoubtedly expand in the future.