MegaFans Announces Asia Tour In Bid To Expand Presence In Region

Mobile esports platform MegaFans has announced a full-scale business development tour for Asia in September 2022 in a bid to expand the company’s presence in the region.

MegaFans chief executive officer Jeff Donnelley will travel to various events such as the Tokyo Game Show and Token2049 in Singapore to collaborate and build ties with several Web3, blockchain and game developers.

“Now is the time to build. The market is soft and ripe, which is a proven perfect entry point to collaborate and scale for success in the near future,” said Donnelley in a press release.

Currently, MegaFans is working with several game developers in Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Malaysia to create an open exchange for the gaming industry with a focus on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and NFTs.

The company has been investing in the crypto space since 2021 as part of its corporate growth strategy. It is now capitalizing on its investments to push blockchain technology and esports closer together.

“Asia is developing some of the best IP (Intellectual Property) in the world, and they are anxious to expand westward now. Add the blockchain X factor and we are looking at massive, unprecedented opportunity,” said Donnelley.

How MegaFans uses crypto to enhance mobile esports

MegaFans is planning to allow game developers to use its infrastructure to create an esports ecosystem with tournaments that offer prizes using cryptocurrency and NFTs. The company uses the software as a service business model to increase a game’s player lifetime value, increase retention and generate revenue using esports to drive engagement and encourage a closer community through competition.

Using a leaderboard format that can host multiple, simultaneous tournaments and accommodate players globally, regardless of skill level or location, MegaFans offers gamers a chance to compete and earn prizes for playing a game they love. Global accessibility is one of the key points of the company’s model as it allows underexplored markets and undiscovered players to compete in esports, even if the local esports scene doesn’t have much reach.

Notably, MegaFans allows players to sign up for free without needing to pay to use the service. The tournament entry fee depends on the host, but some games offer no-fee tournaments that any player can enter. Players from regions that are unbanked and heavily rely on mobile phones for financial transactions benefit greatly from blockchain-based DeFi projects such as MegaFans.

“The incorporation of cryptocurrencies and NFTs into mobile eSports is revolutionizing the eSports market and will dramatically extend the reach of DeFi worldwide,” wrote blockchain research writer for MegaFans Sequoia Brown.

Despite the industry being new, MegaFans has already established itself as a major player in the blockchain esports scene. The company has hosted various high-profile tournaments, including a charity esports tournament to support the first coding school for women in Afghanistan,, last December.

“There are nearly three billion daily active mobile gamers in the world and they are all welcome to play, win and have fun with the MegaFans community. MegaFans is on a mission to create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where anyone can compete in massive multiplayer eSports tournaments across the globe. We call it eSports for All,” said Donnelley.