P2E Cooking Game OneRare Now Available On Polygon Mainnet

NFT-based play-to-earn cooking game OneRare has launched its first “Foodverse Island” on the Polygon mainnet, allowing players to mint NFT dishes and earn rewards for their time in-game.

As one of the industry’s first food-based metaverses, OneRare is a blockchain project with a mission. The food gaming platform is looking to provide players with a rewarding, play-to-earn experience while also creating a positive, lasting impact on the world. It recognizes food as a universal experience and is attempting to spur “the next wave of blockchain adoption” using its platform.

“Over the past decade, Food has also grown as one of the largest content drivers…,” OneRare wrote in its whitepaper. “OneRare brings this passion and conversation to Web3 for the first time. Our Foodverse constructs the first road for Foodies to interact with the blockchain, engage with their favorite chefs and Food businesses, play immersive games, and build a strong global community around Food.”

OneRare’s gameplay loop is focused on gathering NFT ingredients and turning those items into food-based NFTs from different cultures. Players must stake ORARE to earn the ingredients, which are then randomly distributed throughout the player base.

A key feature of this system is that players cannot directly choose which ingredient to harvest. This promotes the use of the in-game marketplace and gives players a reason to trade ingredients and dishes with each other.

Once a player has created a food item NFT, they can use it to participate in various minigames. Risking their NFTs in various contests, players can, for instance, score a huge NFT jackpot from slot machine-styled HippoFull or take part in Foodtruck Wars, a competitive restaurant management simulation.

Reaching into the real world

To appeal to a wider audience, OneRare is also planning on partnering with other food-related and blockchain-related projects to create a global ecosystem for food-related content. The platform also plans to host celebrity chefs and popular cooking shows.

OneRare has also announced plans to “bring NFTs to life” by allowing users to use the platform’s NFTs to get meals and special deals in real-world restaurants.

“Our Foodverse will host Celebrity Chefs, Virtual Restaurants, Food Experiences and Gaming Zone. We see the Foodverse as the ultimate platform for the Global Food Industry and we will collaborate with food personalities and businesses from all over the world – to help them take their first steps into Web3,” wrote OneRare.

Besides expanding the Web3 ecosystem, OneRare will use its platform to work towards eliminating world hunger. It will primarily use its reach to host fundraisers and raise awareness to tackle the “growing hunger crisis that has escalated with COVID-19”.

“We strongly believe that Web3 Projects can transcend borders and make a positive impact across the world. The massive reach of this industry creates tremendous potential for projects to be more than just entertainment, to work with a purpose,” OneRare wrote.

“OneRare aims to be a Game with a Purpose, and work towards the cause of eliminating World Hunger. We are collaborating with celebrities, chefs, influencers & food companies to raise funds and awareness for this cause.”