Metaverse P2E Calvaria’s $RIA five-stage presale raises over $2.1m

Calvaria has raised more than $2.1 million in a five-stage presale for its native token, $RIA. Twenty percent of the presale currency is still available for the rest of the fifth stage.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a play-to-earn crypto game that combines non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the metaverse. Calvaria transports players to an afterlife-themed setting where they play NFT trading cards. Players use character cards with unique abilities and assets in their decks to subdue opponents and earn rewards.

Calvaria divided its presale into five stages, with stage one selling 30 million tokens for 0.0100 USD each. Stage two sold another 30 million for 0.0150 USD each. Stage three managed to sell 30 million for 0.0200 USD each.

Stage four tokens were sold for 0.0250 USD with a total of 30 million sold, while Stage five increased the price to $0.0325 with a total of 30 million sold. Calvaria will have raised $3,075,000 by the end of stage five.

The developers confirmed that they were talking with various exchanges about introducing a preliminary exchange Offering (IEO). The team has signed deals to launch $RIA on LBank and MEXC, two of the market’s largest exchanges.

Calvaria’s native tokens

Calvaria has two native tokens, $RIA and $eRIA. As the game’s first token, the role of $RIA is to help promote tokenomic stability through Calvaria’s engine. $RIA is primarily used to purchase NFTs and cards.

$RIA token holders act as ecosystem governors to ensure the game runs smoothly. Token holders engage with the community by voting on major issues shaping the game’s future. The number of tokens each investor holds determines their strength.

The $eRIA tokens are earned as rewards for winning matches and tournaments and are used to make in-game purchases such as upgrades, energy replenishment packs, cards, decks and more.

How to Buy $RIA

Investors can buy $RIA during the Calvaria presale by following these steps. The first thing investors need is a crypto wallet that accepts ERC-20 tokens. MetaMask is available to investors for free and runs on iOS, Android, and Chrome browsers. To install the wallet, investors can go to the MetaMask website and click the download button.

Calvaria requires investors to purchase $RIA with Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) during the presale. These coins can be bought on any major cryptocurrency exchange. Investors can then transfer them to their wallets.

Investors can also use Changelly to purchase $RIA using a credit or debit card directly through the Calvaria presale site. For a small fee, Changelly converts credit card purchases to Ethereum.

Then, on the Calvaria presale platform, investors can click “Buy Now,” followed by “Connect Wallet” and then follow the instructions.

After that, investors can enter the number of $RIA tokens they want to buy and then follow the prompts to transfer funds from their crypto wallet to complete the transaction.

Investors should remember that the minimum investment is 1,000 $RIA, and there is a small Ethereum transaction (gas) fee. Players can access purchased $RIA at the end of the presale.