Dolia Cat’s Meowverse to launch in a few days

The Meowverse, the long-awaited Dolia Cats NFT metaverse, is coming to a close in preparation for its multichain launch in a few days. Each Dolia Cats NFT will grant its holder access to the Meowverse, where members can participate in play-to-earn games and DeFi tokenomics.

In the Meowverse, players can showcase art, upgrade NFTs to increase their value and donate any extra MEELK tokens to real-world cat charity organizations. The Dolia Cats ecosystem will include games, a decentralized finance platform, a charity and Instagram AR effects to bring Dolia Cats NFT to life.

The metaverse will be followed by the second iteration of the Dolia Cats Original NFT collection. The first generation sold out less than 24 hours after its release.

The Dolia Cats Original NFT collection includes 9,999 Ethereum blockchain-generated cat-themed NFTs. Each of them was created algorithmically from a pool of more than 150 assets spread across seven traits, resulting in hundreds of thousands of possible combinations. Players who miss out on the mint can purchase the NFTs from secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea once.

The Meowverse uses advanced tokenomics to compensate Dolia Cats NFT holders for their hours spent in the virtual world. Players can earn MEELK by participating in various play-to-earn games and special competitions within the Meowverse. MEELK can be used to buy or rent land and enhance NFTs with new abilities.

More about Dolia Cats NFT

Daniil Dolia, a visionary artist and game developer who was also a member of the NFT256 project, created the Dolia Cats NFT collection and its lore.

Eons ago, when Dolia Cats faced a cataclysmic event that threatened their survival, 9,999 Dolia Cats boarded a spaceship and escaped the planet just before it blew up. They traveled through space before landing on Earth in humans’ laps.

In the Meowverse players create a haven for their kitty collection. If players have extra MEELK, they can donate it to a real-world cat charity, which few other metaverses provide. A percentage of the mint’s revenue will be funded by cat shelters worldwide.

Dolia Cats distinguishes itself from the competition due to its hyper-utility. Players can discover the vast metaverse and customize their NFT with new features and traits that can be gathered and used in the Meowverse.

The project plans to extend beyond the digital world. The initial roadmap developments are mobile games, Instagram filters and 3D-printed Dolia Cat NFT figurines.

In May, Dolia Cats announced a competition for two categories. The first-place winner in the “Best Animation” category of a 2D or 3D project received $700 and an NFT trophy. The winner of the submissions was featured in an official project trailer.

The second category was “Best Fan Art,” in which participants could submit illustrations or animations featuring Dolia Cats. The winner of the project received $300 and an NFT trophy.

The Dolia Cats NFT has a close-knit community that has been compared to the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Community members usually give advice, share kitty pictures, or raise funds for a cat shelter.