Mighty Bear Games to give away free Genesis Pass NFTs

Mighty Bear Games has announced that it will give away free MightyNet Genesis Pass NFTs to celebrate the launch of its upcoming game, Mighty Action Heroes, a real-time multiplayer third-person Web3 arena battler.

The NFTs will be available to 25,000 users with crypto wallets and are on the Mighty Bear’s “allowlist.” The list includes NFT long-term holders from at least two pioneer collections in the NFT gaming space.

Mighty Bear Games CEO Simon Davis said in an interview that the company wanted to reward loyal, engaged community members across Web3. The giveaway event comes ahead of the game’s PFP collection launch and early access from December 16-18.

“At Mighty Bear, we believe that Web3 has the potential to change gaming forever, both through the player ownership model and the strength of its burgeoning communities,” Davis said.

“Community is everything in Web3 and this is our way of contributing to it, by offering the best, most influential, and most competitive gamers something to congregate around.”

MightyNet Genesis Pass benefits

MightyNet Genesis Pass NFTs offer various benefits to holders, including early access to all MightyNet games. The holders will also be able to check out new features and content and be entitled to a chance to select the first batch of NFT drops when the games are released. They can unlock rewards like Supply Crates for Mighty Action Heroes.

The Genesis Pass also unlocks top-tier access to the MightyNet ecosystem. Those who have the pass can access private Discord channels and get premium customer support. They will be automatically included on the allowlist for future MightyNet collections and games and receive exclusive in-game perks such as cosmetics and skins.

The first private allowlist mint is scheduled for November 5 at 11 a.m. PT, while the second mint is on November 6. The public mint is slated to be on November 9, but only if there are remaining supplies.

About Mighty Bear

Mighty Bear Games was established in Singapore by former personnel of Nonstop Games in 2016. The founders include Davis and other veterans who have experience with Ubisoft, Lucasarts, Disney and Gameloft.

“When our team first talked about developing a Web3 game in 2018, we felt like the path forward to building a great Web3 native game was going to be too risky for a studio of our size, given the state of the space at the time,” Davis said.

“Now, with our team having grown substantially, and having learnt from the first wave of NFT games, we feel like we’re superbly positioned to capitalize on the growth and interest in the space.”

The company develops games targetting various audiences and has released five games in the past four years. Mighty Action Heroes has been developed since early 2022 and is designed to be part of the Mighty Bear Games ecosystem. Davis said the company had received $10 million in funding.

“We want to make sure we deliver the best possible game to showcase the team’s capability; after all, we’ve shipped five games in the last four years together,” he said

“Our goal is to build something that’s got a little more longevity in Web3 than your average play-to-earn game, and impact the Web3 space in more than one way.”