Muscle-X Launches Exclusive 3D NFTs for Its Blockchain Platform

what do you think about NFTs ? DESIGN BY Milad Fakurian, tags: muscle-x - unsplash

Play-to-earn crypto platform Muscle-X has launched rare NFTs on its platform with gaming and staking features to come.

The project is aiming to be an all-in-one platform, offering play-to-earn, stake-to-earn and lottery-to-earn features. To generate more interest, Muscle-X has also released 3D Ethereum-powered NFTs, some of which will give players access to exclusive characters inside its play-to-earn game, X-Game. Speed-X, Captain-X, Smash-X, Super-X, Bat-X and The-X were the 3D NFTs that were sold. Only Smash-X, Super-X and The-X NFTs will be in-game characters and are based on popular superhero characters. Currently, all of Muscle-X’s NFTs have been sold out.

Muscle-X’s platform features

X-Game is Muscle X’s play-to-earn feature that allows players to compete against one another. Players first select their arena and then fight to increase their character’s strength. As their character’s strength increases, so do the value of their assets, allowing players to get rewarded for their time and investment. Leveling the NFT will improve its value and battle capabilities. Players earn points by winning fights and can transfer their points into monetary benefits.

Muscle X’s X-Lottery feature will have three different modes. Only Muscle-X tokens will be accepted. The entire lottery prize pool will be funded by the purchasing and sale of Muscle-X tokens. The winner will be chosen “each week 3 days a holder.”

1. Wheel of Fortune

2. Weekly lottery

3. The Slot

Finally, the company’s X-Staking feature allows users to “earn a stable income staking NFT’s and/or the native token.” There are four tiers of the token staking pool that users can participate in. The company says that users who engage with X-Staking will “get rewards and other benefits in exchange for staking” and maintain ownership of the NFTs used for staking.

X-Tier: Lock-up is 30 days, the user can not unstake in these 30 days.

Gold-Tier: Lock-up is 21 days, the user can unstake at any time but will get taxed.

Silver-Tier: Lock-up is 14 days, the user can unstake at any time but will get taxed.

Bronze-Tier: Lock-up is 7 days, the user can unstake at any time but will get taxed.

Muscle-X’s roadmap

The project is divided into four phases.

Phase one will have Muscle-X release the website, NFTs and the company whitepaper alongside undergoing a CertiK audit. Currently, Muscle-X is in phase one but has not yet released its whitepaper.

Phase two will have celebrity promotions, various press releases, pre-sale, staking functionality and a launch on PancakeSwap and CoinTiger Exchange.

Phase three sees Muscle-X release the final two features of its platform, X-Game and X-Lottery. The platform will also allow users to mint and stake NFTs and will also create its major listings.

Phase four is the final phase and will feature CEX listings, a large update to X-Game and integration with external blockchains.

In terms of Token Economics, the total supply of tokens is 100 million. The tax for buying and selling is 5% but will be subject to a temporary discount when the token launches on PancakeSwap to attract new users.

“I will give everything to make nobody forget this project, in a good way ofcourse,” wrote Muscle-X founder Danny in a press release.