Mutant Musks NFTs to be open for mint on July 30

Elon Musk - An image of Musk smiling in a suit, sans tie, tags: mutant july - CC BY-SA

Mutant Musks, an NFT collection inspired by Elon Musk and his goal of traveling to Mars, are ready to be minted on July 30. The limited collection of 10,000 NFTs is tied to an upcoming unique NFT-powered shooter game, which is due to be announced at a later date.

The story of the NFTs is as follows. After “Alen Musk” (inspired by Elon) travels to Mars, he leaves behind some of his DNA, resulting in a new race of mutants. However, these mutants quickly split into two factions — one faction wants to help Musk, and the other wishes to fight against him. This is where the players come in, as they will join one of the two factions using their unique NFT avatars.

The first batch of the NFTs will be available for purchase on 19:00 UTC on the official website, and the minting price will start at 0.1 ETH (~$1,660) with a maximum mint amount of two NFTs. Interested buyers can register for a whitelist on their official site to avoid problems with the limited launch.

About the upcoming game

The upcoming blockchain game, powered by Unreal Engine 5, will be created by a team of professional game developers. The game is projected for a 2023 launch and will come with its own official token alongside more features. As of the present, the team has yet to reveal the title of the “intergalactic competitive shooter” game.

The project started in January this year, with development starting one month after the project was funded. The gameplay will feature a diverse range of mechanics, from shooting to collecting and discovery, where the Mutant Musk NFTs will be converted into 3D player avatars.

Events to promote the game, such as official merchandise, giveaways and exclusive virtual events, will be hosted prior to the game’s full release. To accommodate the growing interest and player base, the Mutant Musk team will be minting new sets of NFTs occasionally. A new set of minted NFTs is planned for October/December this year to give more players an opportunity to partake in the game and community.

Today on July 29, 15:00 UTC, the developers will be hosting the last ask me anything live stream (AMA) before the mint. Players are free to ask the developers questions regarding the game, NFTs or the team itself and will reveal product updates and new game features in these live streams. The team will also be giving away 3 OG Discord role slots during the AMA.

Other events on the project’s road map include a VR metaverse demo, holder competitions and various collaborations. The Mutant Musk team will also be hosting regular events on Discord and Twitter to promote community interaction and involvement.

The prizes for the events range from guaranteed whitelist spots to other NFTs. Bunny Buddies, Apes Together Strong NFT, and Meta List are all other NFTs that have collaborated with Mutant Musks to promote its events on Twitter. It is unknown if Mutant Musks’ collaboration partners will have an in-game presence as their road map does not specify any game-focused features for 2022.