Muus announces partnership with REVOLVE to develop Web3 fashion games

Muus Collective Inc., a fashion-centric entertainment studio, has announced a partnership with REVOLVE Group, Inc., a fashion retailer for Millennials and Zoomers, to develop Web3 fashion games.

Griffin Gaming Partners, a Los Angeles-based company and investor, recently invested $5 million in Muus Collective to develop a blockchain-based fashion game to debut in 2023. The Muus experience will include playable digital renderings of REVOLVE and FWRD beauty and fashion goods.

REVOLVE was founded in 2003 to transform the shopping experience by incorporating digital channels and tech. The company’s data-driven marketing strategy has been critical to its consistent track record of profitable growth. It recently passed the billion-dollar annual earnings milestone.

“REVOLVE has always been at the forefront of transformative eCommerce,” REVOLVE executive Michael Mente said. “Today, digital fashion is on the rise, and mobile gaming is the fastest-growing form of media on the planet. In 2021, 49% of mobile gamers worldwide were women, and there were a staggering 83 billion mobile game downloads worldwide.”

Due to the growing interest in virtual fashion, the company is excited to collaborate with Muus to create an elevated, gamification eCommerce experience that highlights its new collections and puts the consumer in the spotlight.

Raissa Gerona, REVOLVE’s chief brand officer, expressed similar sentiments about the collaboration, saying, “We are always working to deliver the next level of aspirational storytelling and format of engagement for our extensive global community of influencers and brands.”

Gerona also believed their collaboration with Muus Collective would allow them to take that first significant step into Web3-gaming. A highly skilled team backs the partnership to develop fashion-centric content. The collaboration also integrates REVOLVE’s network to reach out to new audience members.

Joining forces

Muus was co-founded by chairwoman Sarah Fuchs. She has over 20 years of experience starting, running and growing successful game studios. Previously, she was the vice president and general manager of Covet Fashion, the leading fashion mobile gaming platform. She also oversaw production at Activision, Maxis and Electronic Arts on The Sims Mobile and several other mobile games and numerous PC and console titles.

Amber Bezahler, the CEO, is a co-founder as well. As a digital agency and operations executive, she has developed platforms, eCommerce and new initiatives for gaming brands. She also guided metaverse production companies working on on-chain games and digital collectibles.

Bezahler sees REVOLVE as a fashion industry trailblazer with an incredibly loyal fan base. She expected that their collaboration would enable players to interact with their favorite REVOLVE and FWRD products and participate in trends through a styling experience, gamification shopping, deep social interaction and collectible assets.

The platform will serve as a fashion playground, allowing users to become trendsetters through artistic output, social sharing and peer-to-peer engagement.

Muus’ all-female founding team members have worked for and with companies such as Zynga, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and others, as well as fashion companies such as Agent Provocateur, Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta, Monique Lhuillier and more.

Griffin Gaming Partners, as previously mentioned, contributed $5 million in seed funding to the fashion startup. They look forward to seeing how Muus and REVOLVE collaborate to launch its first Web3-enabled mobile game.

“Griffin has been a long-time admirer of the premium brand and platform that REVOLVE has built,” said Emily Wang, managing director at LionTree, and Boyoung Kim, a senior associate at GGP.

“It’s a dream partnership to bring together Muus’ gaming and Web3 expertise and REVOLVE’s unmatched fashion merchandising and community-building innovation to create a truly groundbreaking experience at the intersection of fashion, gaming, and Web3,” Wang added.