AtomicHub launches platform for NFT, Web3, crypto advertisers & publishers

Top blockchain gaming and digital collectibles marketplace AtomicHub has launched, an advertising platform for NFT, Web3 and crypto advertisers and publishers.

AtomicAds currently has 2.3MM connected wallets, 630K+ monthly active users and 26MM+ monthly page views. Through, the company aims to bring advertisers and publishers together by providing a simple, self-service advertising platform with focused and efficient reach for companies that want to market, crypto services, Web3 products, and NFT collections at scale.

It has a feature that allows publishers to review commercial inventory such as banner space by website, blockchain, date and time, which advertisers can then reserve using a powerful self-service system. The platforms offer advertisers and publishers data-driven perspectives in real-time, enabling them to maximize campaign and ad management.

“AtomicAds is born out of our own experience as a major publisher in the Web3 space, which can be a complex, time-consuming and frustrating experience,” Jeffrey Haas, AtomicHub’s Chief Revenue Officer said.

Haas said that AtomicAds was created to improve the company’s ability to offer programmatic advertising on its sites. He asserted that AtomicAds would abide by industry standards as well as the unique requirements of the Web3, crypto and NFT industries, including Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements to ensure the highest level of privacy without sacrificing transparency for both advertisers and publishers.

“From experience, we know how difficult it is for Web3, crypto, or NFT services to advertise through traditional social media channels or via Google Ads,” NFT Insider Editor-in-Chief John Nichols said.

“AtomicAds solves that by offering advertisers & publishers a reliable, effective method of reaching a dedicated, Web3-friendly audience.”

What is AtomicHub?

AtomicHub was created by, a two-year-old Munich-based startup. The platform is one of the world’s largest NFT marketplaces with 322 million NFTs created at the time of writing. It is also the team behind, a rapidly expanding blockchain gaming media website.

AtomicHub, which operates on the EOS and WAX blockchains, enables users to research, buy, sell and list NFTs. It also allows for the creation of NFTs without any technical knowledge.

The platform’s functionality is divided into four sections⁠ — Explorer (which searches all existing NFTs), Market (which buys/sells/lists assets), Trading (which checks inventory and exchanges simple NFT assets for AtomicAsset) and NFT Creator (which converts Atomic assets to standard NFT).

Users can log in to their accounts by selecting any network. The platform offers users various wallet options for connecting to a different blockchain network.

Users must connect their wallets to the platform to use it. They can use any of the Wax Cloud Wallet, Anchor or Scatter wallets to connect to the WAX blockchain. After connecting their wallets and logging into the AtomicHub portal, users will see the platform’s landing page. This page provides users with a variety of options/features to work with.

Users can also look under the Market tab for the Sales, Auction and History options. To buy an NFT, users must first select the NFT of their choice and click the Buy button. They will then be required to approve the purchase to complete the transaction.