No Man’s Sky ‘not yet finished’, creator Sean Murray says

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No Man’s Sky is set to have more features after receiving its 19th major update titled Sentinel just this week. The game’s creator Sean Murray added that the game is not yet finished “by a long shot” as the game approaches its sixth birthday later this year.

Murray spoke to IGN about the game will be on the sideline for quite some time.

“As many updates as we’ve done since launch and as many bucket items we’ve checked off, our list of things we’re excited about never seems to get any shorter,” Murray said.

“The team are always coming up with new things that they want to do with the game.”

Murray also talks highly of the development team for providing constant updates and new features for No Man’s Sky.

“I’m amazed that the energy levels are as high now as they’ve ever been. We tend not to talk about what’s on that list publicly but suffice to say we’re not done yet by a long shot.” Murray added.

No Man’s Sky’s redemption story

No Man’s Sky is the biggest comeback and redemption story in gaming history. As the game keeps on going to redeem itself beyond the point of redemption by pushing out new features for players to enjoy.

The game was despised and hated by the gaming community back when it was released in 2016. Players from all genres assembled against the video game’s title version of Avengers level threat.

The reason was simple, Murray’s blatant lies and exaggeration of the many aspects of No Man’s Sky, which eventually led to his, and the game’s downfall. Adding to that, the game’s performance at launch was not great and players are not happy.

But, Murray and the game pick themselves up. Right now, No Man’s Sky is a never-ending story chapter of pimp my ride, as Polygon puts it, and in September last year, the game received a “mostly-positive” review on Steam after five years of a rocky start.

No Man’s Sky’s Sentinel, Hello Games’ new entry

According to publisher Hello Games, No Man’s Sky 19th’s major update will set forth a big combat overhaul for the game to create a fast-paced and dynamic in-game experience as well as many features.

The major update is set to have new weapons and upgrades, from the Neutron Cannon to stun grenades, and active camo to help players take down the game’s hostile planetary guardians, the Sentinels.

Additionally, Hello Games has been working on a new game alongside launching new updates for No Man’s Sky. There is not much information about the developer’s new entry, but Murray spoke to IGN in September last year that it was still in the early development stage. Murray also confirmed that the new game is ambitious like No Man’s Sky and made it clear it will not be a sequel to No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is a survival space exploration sandbox game developed by Hello Games. The game allows players to explore planets each teeming with unique features and wildlife. No Man’s Sky is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.