Opis Group expands NFT game OpiPets to Africa

British blockchain technology company, Opis Group has expanded its NFT play-to-earn game (P2E), OpiPets, to six select African countries following the company’s priority of improving the African region through game development, earning digital assets and cryptocurrencies without upfront fees.

“OpiPets is a blockchain-based, Free to Play, Play to Earn NFT game currently in development. Combining elements of RPG, strategy, auto-battling and economics,” OpiPets’ website reads.

In doing so, Opis Group recently appointed Babatunde Ayomide as the company’s growth and marketing lead for Africa. According to Ayomide, the company’s goal is as simple as making people’s participation in the P2E gaming space much easier and the best way to do such a thing is by helping the onboarding process into the Web3 ecosystem.

“Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to understand the full benefits of playing and participating in the play to earn gaming space, especially when Web3 initiatives like NFTs back it,” Ayomide said.

“We want all gamers and even blockchain unbelievers to see the benefits that can be harnessed from crypto & NFTs. The best way to do this is to help them earn as they play and gamify the onboarding process into the Web3 Ecosystems; this is what we’ve created at OpiPets.”

Opis Group’s NFT P2E game, contest

As mentioned previously, Opis Group expanded OpiPets’ reach to the African region, much more specifically to six African countries, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Togo, and Tanzania where the blockchain technology adaptation in those countries is “now gathering steam”.

While OpiPets itself is a game that allows players to customize 60 different possible pets or OpiPets and personalization options according to the game’s website include skins, textures, colors, and wearables alongside different characters’ stances as well as facial expressions.

“OpiPets offers you the ability to create the most unique and personalised pets you could imagine. Not only are there 60 different possible OpiPets for you to acquire but they can be altered with thousands of skins, textures, colours & wearables. You can even choose different stances and facial expressions to go with them!” the website reads.

In celebrating the company’s release of OpiPets, Opis Group is now organizing a giveaway worth $500 BNB to 25 lucky winners.

Opis Group, blockchain in Africa, goals

The company appears to have high optimism about its expansion to the African region. With the growing blockchain technology adaptation in African countries, the company is also aware that P2E games are getting profitable where digital tokens and cryptocurrencies earned in-game can be exchanged as well as traded for fiat with high exchange rates.

Opis Group is keen on making such a notion of accessibility of both digital assets and cryptocurrencies available. Therefore, helping people in the region economically by rewarding them for spending time and effort. This idea seems one that is fundamental to the company.

Ayomide shares his thoughts about the idea that such efforts could make Africans head towards economic prosperity.

“Personally, I see free, play-to-earns in the NFT space as a way to take a lot of Africans into economic prosperity and I’m bullish about this. There is no better way to earn from something you love doing with the simple steps of setting up a free account and instantly enjoying the game,” Ayomide explained.