PewDiePie announces first child with wife Marzia in heartwarming video

Popular Swedish YouTuber Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has announced that he and his wife, Marzia (née Bisognin), are expecting their first child together. They shared a video entitled “We’re having a baby!” that quickly went viral across several social media platforms.

“I have been keeping a secret from you guys, and that is I am going to be a dad,” PewDiePie said in the video. “We found out Marzia is pregnant [on the] first of November, and I am just so thankful everything has been going well so far.”

The couple shared footage of when they found out they were going to have a baby together. In addition to glimpses of their family’s reactions to the news, there were snippets of Marzia’s pregnancy experience.

PewDiePie explained that Marzia sometimes had to deal with sickness due to her pregnancy. However, he praised her for tackling the problem like an “absolute champ.”

PewDiePie described the experience of being an expecting father as “strange,” but the 33-year-old said he and Marzia were ready to welcome the baby. He added that he is fortunate to start a family with his beloved wife, expressing his optimism that they could tackle various obstacles together.

The YouTuber, known for his Let’s Play content, said he wished to be a role model for his child. PewDiePie said he did not doubt that Marzia would be a great mother because she was the “most loving and caring person I know.”

The announcement video was popular among PewDiePie and Marzia’s fans, gaining over 680,000 views an hour after being uploaded. Fans flooded the comment section to share their excitement about the news.

Many of PewDiePie’s subscribers have followed his account since the early stages of his career. He managed to grow his small channel into a massive community. At the moment, he boasts around 111 million subscribers on YouTube.

PewDiePie and Marzia started dating in 2011. She was a fan who messaged him personally, saying that she found PewDiePie’s videos funny. They eventually married in 2019 after being in a relationship for around eight years.

Marzia has also established a name for herself. She has around 8.4 million followers on her social media account. She started gaining popularity after creating a YouTube channel called “CutiePieMarzia” in 2018, focusing on fashion and makeup but is no longer active on said channel.

She is also an artist and has sold several art products like ceramics and graphic arts. Marzia also published a young adult novel in her mother tongue, Italian.

In 2022, PewDiePie and Marzia moved from Britain to Japan after the relaxation of Japan’s COVID-19 measures. He bought a house in Japan in 2019 but only managed to relocate there last year.

PewDiePie’s controversies

In addition to being popular for his hilarious videos and live streams, PewDiePie has also been involved in various controversies over the years.

He got a major backlash in 2017 after using a racial slur in a live gaming stream. In the same year, PewDiePie also lost a major deal with Disney after the company found anti-Semitic images and Nazi references in some of his videos.

Just recently, PewDiePie issued a public apology after allegedly making fun of a deaf woman’s video on TikTok. PewDiePie recorded himself and his dog Maya watching some TikTok videos, calling them “cringey Tiktoks,” and uploaded the clip to his social media accounts.

In his clip, PewDiePie mocked the woman’s voice and long nails while she was demonstrating a common scenario at drive-throughs using sign language.

The woman in the TikTok video responded to PewDiePie’s clip, saying she was “not surprised” and “used to it.” Regardless, she said it was frustrating that a big content creator like PewDiePie would use his platform to negate her effort in normalizing sign language.