Play-to-earn FPS Call to Combat to launch on Binance Smart Chain

Call to Combat is an upcoming free-to-play, play-to-earn NFT-based FPS where players can rescue hostages and defeat their foes to earn bounty points and enjoy a “decentralized and financially rewarding” gaming experience. It is set to be launched in quarter three of this year on the Binance Smart Chain.

Players start their career as an average soldier, but they can rank up as they play, getting access to more powerful weapons and earning NFT items like health kits and weapons which can be sold and traded on the NFT Marketplace. The team behind Call to Combat is looking to create an experience that combines NFTs, DeFi and the blockchain to create an “NFT-based Gamefi experience”.

The company claims that players will be able to utilize NFT items in a wide variety of ways, promoting strategy alongside skill-based shooting gameplay. “Not only do the weapons in the CTC metaverse take the form of NFTs, but their value also increases as time passes on the blockchain, and they can be used in a variety of different ways within the game itself,” the developer team wrote in a press release.

Building a play-to-earn community

The CTC team has designed its game to cater to an audience with minimal blockchain experience. Players can start playing for free and also earn while doing so, being rewarded for the time they put into the game. The developers are hoping that players will be able to create a gaming DAO of like-minded users and enjoy the game together.

“We promise to give users an awesome place to play where they can talk to each other and have fun,” the developers wrote. In order to grow the community, Call to Combat is creating a system to reward players that bring other players into the ecosystem and give players power over the game through its DAO.

By early 2023, the developers are planning to give $CTC holders who stake their tokens the ability to participate in votes about how the team will “use the ecosystem fund to develop new features of Call to Combat”. By September 2024, the CTC team projected that all DAO members will have a say in the voting process and can contribute to the game’s future.

The native currency of Call to Combat is $CTC. Besides being able to purchase the tokens, players will be able to earn $CTC through in-game quests and events. These tokens can be used to get in-game NFT items through the marketplace, upgrade items to increase a player’s power, or participate in staking to earn rewards.

“CTC is a game that can be played for enjoyment, is free to play, and can be played to earn money. It is designed for people who have never utilized Blockchain technology before,” said the developer team.

The developers predicted that they would be able to launch a beta version of the Call to Combat by quarter four of this year. Besides the first beta release, the CTC team will be releasing the final version of their NFT marketplace and integrating Solana Blockchain Products into the ecosystem.

“… With fairness, safety and transparency at the core of the game and interesting gameplay with rich player benefits on the outer, CalltoCombat is set for an exponentially upward roller-coaster ride,” the CTC team wrote.