UndeadWagyu Games Studio to launch Undead Blocks soon

Wagyu Games Studio is set to release the full version of its kill-to-earn multiplayer survival zombie shooter Undead Blocks in Q3 this year after previously launching its open beta earlier in June.

The game offers three different game modes where players try to survive against waves of zombies. The first mode, Solo, has the players trying to survive for as long as possible alone. The second mode, Squads, allows parties of two to four players to team up, while the third mode, SpeedRun, challenges players to kill waves of zombies as fast as possible.

“This game has a clear path towards large-scale adoption from crypto and non-crypto players around the world,” said blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm and Wagyu Games Studio partner Exnetwork Capital.

Alongside the full release, Wagyu Games Studio will launch multiple content releases, such as new maps and limited NFT drops throughout the year. Currently, the company is initiating a “large-scale gaming marketing campaign” to get more players interested in the game and grow the community.

Undead Blocks’ economy

Undead Blocks has two primary in-game currencies. The first is a stable, in-game-only currency called ZBUX used to purchase new weapons and upgrade stats. This currency is earned after winning a wave in the game and cannot be transferred between player accounts, reducing the advantages people get from spending. Instead, players will need to play the game to improve their characters, leveling the playing field, which is important because ranking in competitive leaderboards is one way for players to earn a second, more exclusive type of currency.

Gold ZBUX, which players earn through competing against one another or purchasing directly. Placing high in the leaderboards or completing achievements rewards players with Gold ZBUX that can be used to buy weapon skins, character skins and perks. This type of currency notably does not offer any in-game advantages and is used for cosmetics. The leaderboards will be reset every 24 hours to give all players the chance to earn rewards.

“Undead Blocks challenges the industry standard by rewarding players with an in-game reward currency that is stable, funded by positive cashflow through a unique revenue generating model and collateralized by a massive $UNDEAD kill-to-earn fund to achieve the goal of protecting player assets and rewards,” Wagyu Games Studio wrote in the project’s white paper. The game would accomplish the studio’s “ultimate goal of building the most sustainable play-to-earn game on the market” “by offering Gold ZBUX and daily leaderboard challenges”.

Undead Blocks is also linked to a third, on-chain currency called $UNDEAD. Besides purchasing limited edition in-game items, people who own $UNDEAD tokens will be able to vote on the future of the game. Based on the weight of their holdings, they will have a larger say in topics such as future maps and modes and future weapons.

The token can also be used for Undead Blocks’ Stake2Mint Program, where players may opt to stake their tokens for six, nine or 12-month periods and get rewarded with additional tokens at the end of the period. Everyone who stakes their $UNDEAD can also get access to a free Weapon Loadout for immediate use.