Geenee AR releases multiplayer augmented reality game NFT All Stars

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In collaboration with over ten NFT projects, computer vision and augmented reality company Geenee AR has released NFT All Stars, a metaverse multiplayer augmented reality game.

The game, which features characters from multiple NFT projects such as Nomad Blvd, Nouns, Non-Fungible People, Doodles, CloneX, The Sandbox, Head5, MeSkulls, Ready Player Me Punks and SupDuck, is available on any device that can run a web browser.

Players can play the game using avatars if they own an NFT in their wallet by using Metamask sign-in integration on a project-by-project basis. Geenee AR is looking to create a community from people that invested in NFT projects and start a metaverse through AR games.

“Transforming 2D PFPs into real-time, interactive 3D is the logical next-step of any metaverse roadmap,” said vice president of partner development at Geenee AR Elena de Sosa, as per VentureBeat.

“Project holders seek utility and want their avatars’ stories to progress. Geenee is excited to help tell those stories in a fun and meaningful way.”

NFT All Stars will allow thousands of players to play at the same time together and host public or private rooms. Players will compete against one another to collect as many stars as possible in a 45-second round. The game will also feature a leaderboard to incentivize competition and allow players to adjust their game and settings at any time. Using Metamask, players can import 3D NFT avatars which will be created upon request.

Andy Thoe, a co-founder of Nomad Blvd, said, “The Nomad Blvd community believes in a hybrid world consisting of digital and physical, and AR is undoubtedly an unlock for bridging the two. We found a great partner in Geenee to bring 2D art into exciting 3D form factors.”

The future of augmented reality and blockchain gaming

The company thinks that blockchain and augmented reality technologies will open up new avenues in the gaming industry. In particular, it highlighted that players could earn rewards that persist from one game to another due to the Web3 ecosystem introducing ownership of digital goods.

“The blockchain lets users take their profile and assets across the internet, and record activity so it remains digitally persistent. The avatars you hold in your wallet can become the character that represents you in an AR game. Earn rewards through gaming that stay with you across platforms,” wrote the company.

“The concept of Web3 has introduced a new method of rewards from ownership of digital goods to play-to-earn tokens. AR gaming layers new worlds, challenges, and opportunities to monetize as a key motivator for game-play.”

The multiplayer augmented reality gaming scene has expanded in recent years, and most NFT projects rely on a strong sense of community engagement which fits the trend of increased online communication. This is why Geenee AR expects more collaborative efforts between augmented reality and blockchain projects in the future.

“… In the last couple of years where in-person socialization has declined and online collaboration has increased, we expect to see more 3D collaborative games and the accompanying communication tools (think Discord) translated into an AR space,” the company wrote.