NFTY Jigs CEO on how NFTs, micropayments will change gaming

Co-founder and chief executive officer of NFT platform NFTY Jigs Jackson Laskey recently discussed how the combination of micropayments and NFTs could change the gaming landscape.

“NFTs can be a really important part of the product for which micropayments can serve, [with] micropayments being the glue and incentive. What I’m really excited about is the greater economy that forms around these two technologies,” said Laskey, as per CoinGeek.

Laskey highlighted the creator economy potential of NFTs in particular. He said the technologies could create “a door that creators can walk through to contribute and add to existing gaming ecosystem”. He also noted that since the potential of NFTs hasn’t been fully realized by gaming companies, NFTs were “an exciting and dynamic product that people really want to buy”.

The CEO continued to discuss how his other projects were making waves in the gaming community. He was also involved in the BSV-powered Duro Dogs, an NFT game where players take care of a virtual dog.

Laskey pointed out that even with only a few thousand players, the game’s ecosystem was able to support over 600,000 NFTs, and once its player base grows larger, “the amount of usage of the BSV blockchain is going to be really staggering,” he said.

Laskey’s NFT innovations

Laskey also talked about how NFTs open up opportunities for businesses. Duro Dogs was not meant to be an educational experience, but Laskey identified a potential niche in the market and expanded Duro Dogs to accommodate the users.

Duro Dogs created an extension game in the form of Ruff Runner. Players who have trained their dogs in the main game can race against other players for a place on the leaderboards and earn rewards such as NFTs and BSV payouts.

This type of integration is what Laskey thinks is unique about NFTs in the gaming sphere. Time and monetary investment into one game can be used to give players rewards in another game and enrich their experience. He noted that the Ruff Runner and Duro Dogs assets would be made available by other developers, expanding the circle of projects for which a player’s NFTs can be used.

Other than the innovations that NFTs bring to other industries, Laskey believes NFTs will also undergo different versions and evolutions, as the technology is still very new. He called NFTY Jigs a platform for NFT 2.0 and illustrated that “NFT 1.0 is a painting, NFT 2.0 is a canvas”.

According to Laskey, the NFT 2.0 technology can be used to improve other projects and give them a framework, or canvas, to open up opportunities for developers and entrepreneurs. The main benefit of the NFT 2.0 system for players is flexibility, and a player’s NFTs will work in every game that uses the NFT 2.0 system, even across different genres and developers, while maintaining its uniqueness.

“NFT 2.0 is the use of NFTs to create other things, including NFT 1.0. NFT 2.0 succeeds by making it easier to build successful products and applications than it would be without NFT 2.0… The NFTs are the platform,” wrote Laskey on Medium.