Polkastarter Gaming to host first GAM3 Awards

Polkastarter Gaming will host the first GAM3 Awards, a web3 gaming mega event equivalent to the Grammys, on December 15. The GAM3 Awards is organized by a group of leading corporations and influencers in the industry to honor the best web3 video games of the year.

Over 200 projects and 100 web3 games will be shortlisted across 16 different categories to compete for the best “gam3s” as elected by expert judges and the community.

The event will include participants from projects such as Immutable X, Polygon Studios, Electronic Arts, Riot Games, Zynga, Xbox Game Studios and many more prominent names.

The judges are Fractal founder Justin Kan, Polygon Studios head of global games Urvit Goel, Market Across managing partner Itai Elizur, ImmutableX director of venture & strategy Rachel Levin and Solana Foundation head of technology Matt Sorg.

“We are excited to partner with Polkastarter Gaming on this event. It is truly a step in the right direction for the industry, and the first of its kind in Web3 gaming,” Kan said in a press release.

The judges will name the projects for each award in the coming weeks. They will also hold community votes to pinpoint the selection to a “Top 5” in each category before they make their final ruling at the event.

“We called it the ‘GAM3’ awards, with a 3, to keep the focus on the actual games themselves, get rid of the Web3 jargon and negative connotation, while still paying tribute to the underlying Web3 tech that we believe will help shape the future of gaming,” Polkastarter head of gaming Omar Ghanem said.

A jury of the industry’s elite has also been assembled to assist with the awards. These include Square Enix CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Avalanche head of gaming Edward Chang, YGG head of partnership Sarutobi Sasuke, Dan Patterson of Sfermion, Avocado DAO CEO Brendan Wong, Animoca Manufacturers Web3 gaming expert Jesper Lindquist, Benefit Circle CEO Marco van den Heuvel, Extremely CEO David Hanson, BNB Chain BD director John Izaguirre, and Naavik Abhimanyu Kumar and Ancient8 founder Nathan N.

Event details

The jury’s vote will carry 90 percent of the weight, with community voting accounting for 10 percent of the decision-making process. The only exclusions are the Games’ Choice category, which will be decided by studios voting for their version of Game of the Year. The community will also entirely determine the winners of People’s Choice and Best Content Creator.

The graphics, replayability factor, accessibility, fun elements and overall gameplay experience will be considered when evaluating the games. However, for the “Most Anticipated Game” award, the game must have a live, playable version that meets the chosen criteria to qualify.

The categories that will have “Best” awards are Action Game, Mobile Game, Adventure Game, Casual Game, RPG, Shooter Game, Graphics, Strategy Game, Card Game, Multiplayer Game, Esports Game, Graphics and Content Creator.

In addition to prestige and acknowledgment, winners of the first GAM3 Awards will receive a share of $300,000 from sponsors such as Immutable X, Machinations, Blockchain Game Alliance, Naavik and Ultra.

Polkastarter Gaming’s Twitch, YouTube and Twitter handles will stream the event simultaneously.