Polygon partners with Neowiz to release blockchain game platform Intella X

Ethereum-based global Web3 infrastructure Polygon announced this week it has partnered with South Korean multi-platform video game development Neowiz Corporation to launch Intella X, a brand new blockchain gaming platform.

The collaboration will bring some of Neowiz’s IPs, such as “Cats & Soup” and “Brave Nine”, to debut in Web3 via the Intella X.

The new platform will allow users to contribute and earn its native token, called IX Token, in multiple ways, either by staking or providing liquidity in Intella’s DEX. Polygon added that the IX Wallet was optimized specifically for gaming while offering access to both NFT launchpads as well as marketplaces and many more. Polygon also revealed Intella X’s gaming library would soon include two social casino games in addition to a single game from the South Korean company.

Users’ earning in Intella X

The joint blockchain venture seems to have a heavy emphasis on its users, such as providing earning opportunities by contributing to the platform. Polygon confirmed via a release a system called “Develop and Earn” in Intella X. Essentially, this would allow gaming developers to focus on another thing and not to worry much about earning and shares on the platform.

“This system is known as ‘Develop and Earn’. The algorithm considers both on-chain and off-chain data to determine the contribution rate for each developer’s game. This allows developers to focus on what they do best without worrying about other factors to earn their shares of the monthly distributed rewards,” Polygon wrote.

Furthermore, any games built and released on Intella X will be compensated by IX Token, which includes a cut from the platform’s revenue as well as “in-app purchases, relevant fees, and more”.

As for players, IX Token can be earned by playing video games on the platform and via unique token swapping offered for IX in an exchange.

“There will be multiple ways to contribute and earn on Intella X. All users can begin by either staking or providing liquidity in the proprietary DEX and earning yield from Intella X’s native IX Token,” Polygon explained.

“Additionally, users can earn IX by playing individual games and subsequently swapping any unique game tokens offered for IX through the exchange. The projects that build and release on Intella X will be compensated in IX Token and with a cut of the platform’s revenue, including in-app purchases, relevant fees, and more.”

Upcoming games on Intella X, additional launch

As mentioned above, Intella X will have a total of three more upcoming games. The first two games are social casino games titled “House of Poker” and “House of Slots”. Lastly, the third is Neowiz’s Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A). Reportedly, a brand new PFP NFT project, “Early Retired Cats Club”, will also be released the following year.

Alongside the launch of Intella X, Polygon also announced the platform’s proprietary wallet, “IX Wallet”.

“This wallet is optimized for game services but can also interact with any DeFi application such as DEXes, Bridges, NFT Launchpads, NFT Marketplaces, and more,” Polygon continued.

The developer claims the wallet was developed to leverage “cheaper” and offer more efficient transactions of digital assets.

“Intella X is being built on top of Polygon’s network to leverage cheaper and faster transactions while maintaining Ethereum’s robust security and decentralization. The platform is being created with the intent to expand its services to other networks at some point in the future,” Polygon added.