Racer’s Utopia features dynamic metaverse gaming, introduces 8,810 NFTs

The world of digital assets, blockchain, and the metaverse are slowly integrating themselves with the video game industry. Alongside other projects interested individuals may take to invest their money, some of which are still enjoyable to play. One, in particular, is a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse-based racing game called, Racer’s Utopia.

The game is aiming to change the dynamics of metaverse gaming by delivering its users an out-of-the-ordinary gaming experience. This happens all at the same time allowing its user base to earn rewards. Additionally, enabling NFTs tradings and perhaps in a general sense is to create streams of passive income for its players.

Racer’s Utopia, as the name suggests is a racing game on the metaverse which also features NFTs. It is built on and powered by one of the frontrunners in blockchain technology, the Binance Smart Chain, or most people refer to as the BSC.

Details about Racer’s Utopia, more

Racer’s Utopia follows the player as they ventured into their professional racing career. The player is given the option to select from a huge collection and wide range of modern cars collections the game has to offer.

According to the video game’s website which provides more details on Racer’s Utopia, the NFT video game appears to have a player vs player (PvP) feature. Such a feature allows players to compete in some of the available racing modes and players may earn in-game rewards should they partake in the competition.

The game modes are PvP and player vs environment (PvE). PvE mode will challenge players to compete with AI instead of fellow players. Similar to any other racing titles, some of the common racing modes in Racer’s Utopia are lap race, single-lap race, drag race, police chase and many others. However, only lap and single lap races allow PvP.

The rewards in question take the form of a digital token native to the game itself called CarKey or Ckey tokens. Moreover, the Ckey tokens will allow players to trade and access the game’s NFTs.

“Racer’s Utopia is a cutting edge blockchain based NFT racing game which allows players to craft a racing career by participating in races with their top performing cars in PVE mode and compete against other players in PVP mode. By competing in these racing modes, players will be able to earn in-game rewards & Carkey/ Ckey token,” Racer’s Utopia’s website reads.

Other than competing with fellow players, the game provides players with access to in-game exclusive and limited events. At the same time, players may also maintain their digital avatars and cars.

Racer’s Utopia’s NFTs collections

Racer’s Utopia presents players with rewards that they may earn by playing the game. As mentioned previously, rewards in Racer’s Utopia take the form of the game’s native tokens.

According to Crypto Daily, Racer’s Utopia collections of NFTs starting from cars (7800 NFTs), race track blueprints (900 NFTs), workshops (30 NFTs), car rentals (30 NFTs), and gas stations (50 NFTs). In total, there are 8,810 NFTs made available in-game and players may earn this by completing both challenges as well as milestones.