Sandbox VR to open location at Bottleworks Hotel

Sandbox VR and Bottleworks District are collaborating to create an on-site “full-body virtual reality entertainment experience” within the Bottleworks Hotel building, which is slated to open on September 30.

The partnership aims to provide users with a level of immersion that home virtual reality systems cannot replicate using technology such as full-body motion capture and high-quality haptics.

“Opening in Indianapolis and inside the historic Bottleworks District is incredibly exciting. This district is bustling with activities and draws visitors from all over the area. We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring our unique VR experience to the community,” said Sandbox VR founder Steven Zhao.

Gavin Thomas, vice president of development at Hendricks Commercial Properties, noted that this experience would be the first of its kind for the district, adding, “This experience adds yet another entertainment option for families, tourists and locals alike who visit the district.”

On-site hardware and experiences

Sandbox VR’s Bottleworks, which will host four holodecks (private rooms that can host up to six people), uses VR headsets, haptic vests, backpacks and motion sensors to provide players an immersive VR experience that can be shared with friends or co-workers. The technology employed enables players to see and physically interact with each other while in the games, adding a new dimension to the experience.

The experiences were created in-house by video game industry veterans at Sandbox VR, and currently, there are six experiences on offer with varying themes and gameplay. Details are as follows:

1. Deadwood Mansion – A classic zombie apocalypse survival game where the players must work together to defend the titular Deadwood Mansion against waves of zombies. Players have access to a variety of powerful weapons, such as machine guns, pistols and rifles but the odds are stacked against them due to the sheer size of the undead horde.

2. Deadwood Valley – A sequel to Deadwood Mansion, players have to navigate a town overrun by zombies to put a stop to the zombie apocalypse. It is claimed to be the “most immersive experience” in the upcoming lineup.

3. Curse of Davy Jones – A high-seas adventure where the players face off against supernatural creatures while searching for the long-lost treasure of legendary pirate Davy Jones.

4. Amber Sky 2088 – Players take the form of a robot hero armed with high-tech weaponry to defend the earth against an alien invasion. Besides the weaponry, players can also access special equipment like an energy shield to avoid attacks and protect their team while facing a variety of threatening bosses.

5. Star Trek: Discovery – Players take the role of a Starfleet Officer and venture into the unknown and explore alien worlds with their friends. This game was created in partnership with CBS Interactive and Star Trek to ensure that the game remains authentic to the setting.

6. UFL: Unbound Fighting League – Standing out from the rest of the games, UFL is a competitive VR fighting game where players become futuristic gladiators. They can duel against their friends using futuristic melee weapons such as energy-enhanced claws, flaming spears and more.