Versus partners with Concordium to cut fees

Due to Ethereum’s current gas prices, the Versus metaverse is partnering with Concordium to offer low, predictable fees to players utilizing its NFT minting and ownership transaction systems.

Up until recently, the game exclusively used the Ethereum mainnet to process its activities. The developers made the decision to add support for the Concordium blockchain to increase the Versus ecosystem’s stability and sustainability.

“As a project intending to grow a community and e-sport around the lore and characters we’re developing, easy identity verification plays a central role in maintaining the authenticity and accountability of our ecosystem. Choosing Concordium allows us to focus on what matters most, providing players with fun experiences,” said Versus founder Aigbe Idahosa in a press release.

Versus’ systems and economy

Versus describes itself as “an Animal Crossing inspired open world multiplayer Metaverse game home to Cyphers, Trainers, and new cultures”. Players can capture and train creatures known as Cyphers to compete against other players in the Battle Pool. Winning matches against other players grants rewards such as the game’s native token, $VERSUS, providing players with a play-to-earn experience that rewards skill and strategy.

Players can also sell or trade their Cyphers, which have randomly generated stats, providing an additional revenue source for players. The Cyphers retain their levels, stats and $VERSUS when sold or traded, adding a new depth and layer to the game’s economy.

“Cyphers are minted as ERC-721a tokens. As such, they can be sold on popular secondary markets such as OpenSea, LooksRare, or Rarible and be traded OTC between wallets. In addition, Cyphers are automatically bridged to BSC and interact with that ecosystem’s marketplaces,” wrote Versus in its whitepaper.

While all Cyphers start at level one when minted, players can be trained by using the gym, increasing stats and unlocking new abilities and even new forms. Once trained, players can enter the Battle Pool, a one-versus-one match between two Trainer’s Cyphers.

At launch, the battle system is completely automated, with victory depending on the Cypher’s stats, abilities, affinity as well as a degree of randomness. However, the developers said that there would be more game modes and ways to battle as Versus continues development.

Versus also features an item shop that offers a variety of items that affect the growth and training of a Cypher. Payment for items in the shop is accepted in both $VERSUS and $BNB, allowing players to earn items by winning matches in the Battle Pool. Items range from Stamina Bento Boxes, which allow a Trainer to speed up the leveling process for a Cypher, Genesis Stones, which are used to re-roll Cypher stat gains and Boxing Gloves, which grant more entries in the Battle Pool. Trainers can also stake $VERSUS in order to earn items passively.

The playable beta of Versus is slated for a Q4 release this year and will be available on web browsers to enable a “cross-chain environment” and improve accessibility for players. The developers are also planning to create a full 3D Versus metaverse and expand the possible ways for players to interact with each other and their Cyphers. Other planned features are player governance and open source world generation to grant more power to the player base.