Tatsumeeko partners with Immutable X to expand Web3 services for players

Community-based “MMORPG-lite” game Tatsumeeko is partnering with blockchain platform Immutable X to expand its Web3 capabilities, focusing on asset ownership tracking.

With the help of Immutable X, Tatsumeeko is also looking to create a system similar to other Web3 projects such as The Sandbox that allows players to own, sell and trade virtual land, which is slated to go live on October 20, 2022.

Tatsumeeko said it chose Immutable X because of its established reputation in the blockchain gaming infrastructure scene. The company specializes in Ethereum-based scaling solutions that reduce the fees businesses face when performing Web3 transactions, enabling Tatsumeeko to add support for blockchain technology without passing the extra costs to players.

“With IMX as our technical partner for on-chain infrastructure and support, we can bring this process in-house to provide our players with true digital asset ownership. This enables trustless transactions and transfers of valuable digital items between players for low fees while also contributing to the game’s ecosystem,” said the chief executive officer and creative director of Tatsumeeko, David Lim, as per Tech Times.

While the game is not looking to fully transfer over into the play-to-earn genre, Tatsumeeko will be adopting certain blockchain gaming features to streamline the experience. The company wrote specifically that the partnership would mainly focus on enhancing front-end gameplay and “addressing several pain points” common to the MMORPG genre.

“I am very excited for Tatsumeeko to be launching on Immutable X. Tatsumeeko is focused on engaging with gamers and active community members where they already are. Tatsumeeko is using blockchain technology creatively to streamline its gameplay and player experience. I’m looking forward to partnering with Tatsumeeko as Immutable X brings the next billion players to Web3,” said the co-founder of Immutable X, Robbie Ferguson.

Community reception to Tatsumeeko’s Web3 integration

Many other games may have received negative feedback for integrating NFTs and blockchain technology, but Lim said that Tatsumeeko’s community has been receptive to the idea. He explained that as long as the blockchain integration benefits the player base, the community would be willing to join the Web3 ecosystem.

The focus of the partnership itself, according to Lim, is not to attract the Web3 audience but to use the versatility and power of the blockchain to solve long-running issues and increase the utility of in-game assets that players own.

“While other game companies are suffering from a huge backlash surrounding a pivot into the NFT ecosystem, [Tatsumeeko’s] gamers have been very supportive and open to the idea of NFT integration, said Lim in a press release.

“As long as our features remain player-centric and we stay focused on a compelling and streamlined user experience, our community, primarily comprised of MMORPG-native gamers, is ready and willing to onboard into the Web3 ecosystem,”

Blockchain integration would also allow Tatsumeeko to implement features such as increased player experience customizability, more payment options for NFT purchases as well as asset ownership for players, which will enable players to trade and sell assets directly through an inbuilt marketplace and avoid peer-to-peer trading, gray markets or any higher-risk asset trading methods other MMORPG players use.