Kitsumon collaborates with various platforms to host virtual land sales

NFT MMORPG metaverse Kitsumon is collaborating with various gaming and NFT platforms to host a series of virtual land sales which will take place on various dates throughout November and December 2022.

The sales will be hosted on Babylons, BalthazarDAO, DareNFT, ScottyBeam, FantomStarter, DAOLauncher, Liquidifty, GameStation and Synapse Network. There will be public rounds, which only require access to a Polygon-compatible wallet to purchase $KMC tokens (the game’s native coin), as well as private rounds, which can be accessed by joining the whitelist on Kitsumon’s official website.

“The public round will be in an ‘English auction’ style with floor prices for each plot of land, allowing buyers to bid on the land they would like,” wrote Kitsumon in a press release.

In-game land will be a key part of the game’s Profession system, which will allow players to perform six different roles, including farming, mining, fishing and more, to collect resources and craft special items to improve their character’s power. Every item created or found by the players will be represented as NFT assets that can additionally be used for the game’s other systems, such as breeding.

Land in Kitsumon can come in 13 different biomes and three different rarities. Each type of biome has its own advantages and downsides, such as the Oasis Biome, which increases XP gain and the chance of catching rare fish but making trees more susceptible to disease.

The different rarities of land unlock features and gameplay functions, such as certain quests and recipes or increasing storage space. The highest tier of land, Premium, can also build a Kitsu Battle Arena. This building will allow players to host tournaments for Kitsumon’s third game, Battle Arena, which is slated to be released in 2023.

Kitsumon is also giving away $1,000 worth of $KMC through various airdrops, giveaways and competitions. The grand prize is a $500 package of $KMC, which will give players a hefty head start for the land sales, especially since there will only be 25,000 plots of land available. There are only 2,500 Premium tier plots of land, making the recipes and quests available extremely exclusive and rare.

Plans for global adoption, esports scene

Though the game employs blockchain technology extensively, the company is confident that Kitsumon will be able to be adopted by the mainstream global audience. Using simplified processes to ease the learning curve, the Kitsumon will use features commonly found in mainstream games to attract a broader audience and introduce them to crypto.

Kitsumon is also developing various systems to encourage the adoption of Kitsumon esports through the Battle Arena game by offering play-to-earn and view-to-earn experiences. It believes that offering incentives to interact with the competitive side of the game will increase overall viewership and lead to a better ecosystem for all players.

It also believes that it can lower the barriers of entry and draw players into its competitive scene through the use of Scholarships, a system where “NFT owners can rent out their assets to those that want to learn.” This allows newer players to try out the game at an advanced level, which can turn players who are mildly interested in esports into serious competitors that drive its competitive scene forward.