SandStorm launches self-serve build proposals following partnerships with SPACE

SandStorm has debuted its self-serve build proposals to help brands connect and hire builders. Businesses can now release build proposals on the market for verified builders to submit their bids.

Sandstorm is a popular metaverse builder community of over 500,000 builders and enthusiasts in five virtual worlds. SandStorm works similarly with on-demand marketplaces such as Upwork and HomeAdvisor. The difference is that SandStorm is located in the metaverse instead of the real world.

SandStorm asserted that the release of self-serve build proposals was the first crucial step in supporting the metaverse builder economy.

“We’re excited for builders on SandStorm to provide more unique functionality for brands as they can now enter multiple virtual worlds,” SandStorm CEO Steve McGarry said. “Through our self-serve build proposals, for the first time brands themselves can easily hire on-demand builders to launch a vision that fits their business’s specific needs.”

SandStorm allows businesses to hire builders to build a virtual office for remote workers to reduce expenses, a virtual store to sell items, a venue to hold virtual concerts, a gamified training program for staff members and many more.

SandStorm asserted that the most critical part of creating the market is giving independent builders and studios the resources they need to help brands grow on the web3. The company aims to exploit the demand for lower-budget metaverse explorations from brands testing the water before they are ready to invest in full experiences.

“With 16 virtual worlds on SandStorm’s waiting list and thousands of builders eager to bid on builds being released by brands, the launch of self-serve functionality has been in the works for months,” SandStorm said.

The typical build proposals for avatars and accessories usually start from $1,000 and can go up to $50,000 for full-experience builds. On average, each project receives seven to 10 bids within a few days. Brands can choose builders based on their needs which usually contain 1 to 10 builders.

“Each builder has a profile with reviews to showcase their completed builds, skill-based verified badges, 3D work minted on the blockchain, and a social graph to grow a following,” SandStorm wrote.

SandStorm will demonstrate its self-serve build proposals to the public at Web Summit. This event will also allow many SandStorm builders to present their work to well-known companies during the demo.

SandStorm announces partnership with SPACE

This week, SandStorm announced its fifth virtual world collaboration with the virtual commerce metaverse, SPACE. SandStorm has also partnered with The Sandbox, Decentraland, Immersed and TCG World. With these partnerships, SandStorm builders can launch experiences for brands in these virtual worlds.

“We’ve officially partnered with @spacemetaverse to help reinvent commerce in the metaverse,” SandStorm tweeted. “Brands can now hire on-demand builders on the SandStorm marketplace to create virtual shopping experiences!”

According to JP Morgan, virtual worlds will “infiltrate every sector in some way” over the next few years, creating a $1 trillion market prospect. In addition to supporting the majority of real estate development in virtual worlds in the upcoming years, SandStorm is set to be a key platform that will aid web2 brands in joining the web3 virtual world.