Second iteration of NFT Show Europe to be held in July 2023

The second iteration of NFT Show Europe, a premier gathering place for Web3, digital art, blockchain and metaverse experts, will take place from July 14 to 15, 2023, in Valencia, Spain.

Per the official website, NFTSE 2023 will showcase experimental and interactive art that offers a multisensory experience. As a B2B event, the second edition of NFTSE aims to be an international meeting of experts to discuss their viewpoints on the next era of the internet in a business context. NFTSE 2023 has already received over 3000 whitelist registrations and is looking to secure its first sponsors.

Like NFTSE 2022, the event will take place at the City of Arts and Sciences, an internationally renowned cultural and architectural complex in the heart of Valencia. The NFTSE 2023 whitelist is now live, offering early access and a special discount.

NFTSE 2022

The NFT Show Europe 2022 took place at the City of Arts and Sciences from September 17 to 18, 2022. There, experts discussed various topics such as DeFi, metaverse, blockchain, NFTs, digital art and cryptocurrencies. They also broached the subject of investment in the industry, discussing in detail the strategies and experiences of well-known analysts and investors in the world of crypto and NFTs.

Not only that but NFTSE 2022 also discussed the market situation of crypto technology and its forecasts. It also explored the potential of NFTs⁠ — how far they could go and their future applications. There were also debates and panel discussions on the current and future legislation of cryptocurrency.

The first event featured speakers such as Bernie Su, a three-time Primetime Emmy award-winning interactive creator, producer and showrunner. There were also other prominent speakers, including Hawkers former CEO David Moreno and the world’s first Bored Ape VTuber, Meta Tori.

“It has been a pleasure to speak to the entire metaverse community. One of the best events I have ever been invited to. The attention received by the organization has been perfect,” Tori said.

Takayuki Suzuki, CEO at MetaTokyo, one of the speakers at the NFTSE 2022, added, “NFTSE is one of the best events to meet people and close business deals. Definitely, a place I will return to next year.”

NFTSE 2022 was sponsored by notable firms such as Polkadot, Tezos, Innoarea, Zeroframe, Unique Networks, Universal Robots, Wert, BaumBuddy HP, Grupo Solitium, CryptoPage, EverdreamSoft and Bitnovo, among many others.

The first event drew 2300 attendees from 59 countries. It also held conferences where crypto community leaders, NFT digital artists and investors shared their visions and experiences.

The 2022 event also had a Tech Show featuring robotics, art and blockchain. The show was a fusion of artificial intelligence, art and technology translated into a multisensory production.

There was also an immersive Experience Hall where visitors could experience a world of experimental and interactive art, immersive experiences and virtual reality. The event’s most notable feature was an art exhibition that showcased illustrations, 2D and 3D animation, generative art, interactive art, glitch art, augmented reality and digital collectibles.