Second MetaWeek conference to be held in Dubai

The second MetaWeek conference of the year will be held in Dubai, UAE, from September 11-14, 2022. It will bring together experts and enthusiasts worldwide to discuss the future of metaverse applications.

As one of the leading blockchain and metaverse tools proponents, Dubai has actively participated in developing the digital economy. The city has also launched a new strategy to increase the digital economy’s contribution to the country’s economy by 2030. The strategy’s objective is to create 40,000 jobs and bring about a $4 billion boost to the local economy by 2030.

Despite the current uncertainty regarding the digital assets market, Jason Luo, the CEO of BitForex, believes that the industry is still full of opportunities and challenges. He noted that the company is committed to providing various tools and services to help its users navigate the different aspects of the market.

MetaWeek to discuss future of metaverse

The two-day MetaWeek Summit will be held at the Grand Hyatt Dubai hotel. It will feature a variety of discussions about the latest developments in the digital asset market and the future of metaverse applications. Some topics that will be discussed include the increasing regulatory efforts in the digital asset market, the development of gaming ecosystems, and digitizing corporate infrastructures.

The success of the first MetaWeek conference was attributed to the increasing number of partnerships the company could build during the event. Frank Fitzgerald, the founder of, noted that the event also benefited the company’s business as it allowed them to meet and interact with some of the most prominent individuals in the industry. He said it was easy to accept the company’s request to join the September second edition of the conference.

One of the most effective ways for companies to expand their reach is by participating in the various communities created within the metaverse. These communities can help them connect with their existing and potential customers. In addition to building relationships with their current customers, these communities can also help boost the interest of tech giants and luxury fashion brands.

According to George Paliani, the CEO of CoinsPaid Media, blockchain media has many advantages compared to other types of projects. For instance, while some of these projects call themselves autonomous organizations, they can also demonstrate the way they can utilize the features of Web3.

Piers Dunhill, the founder of Dunhill Ventures, noted that the increasing number of corporate and private investors looking to invest in the various projects related to the metaverse had been a positive sign for the project’s development. He said that the increasing number of people interested in the project shows that it is precious.

The second edition of the MetaWeek Summit will feature over a hundred experts from various countries who are experts in the field of blockchain and Web 3.0. Some prominent speakers participating in the event include the CEO of Outblaze, Yat Siu; the founder of Hyperledger Foundation, Daniela Barbosa; Dr. Elie Abadie, the senior rabbi of the Jewish Council of the Emirates, will also be a part of the event.