Sensorium announces VR public playtest for ‘PRISM’

Leading metaverse company Sensorium has launched its highly anticipated VR multiplayer public playtest for PRISM, a virtual world dedicated to music and the first destination of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse made available to the public.

The PRISM world features a 24/7 galactic Sensorium Party where users can watch AI avatars perform. Users will discover the opportunity to engage in voice chat with both human participants and AI virtual beings within the virtual reality environment.

The Sensorium metaverse is built using advanced VR and AI technologies, offering users next-generation networking, relationship-building and content-creation capabilities.

The newly introduced stage also provides users with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the metaverse’s VR, its immersive surroundings and avatar customization.

Sensorium Galaxy overview

The Sensorium Galaxy metaverse is unique as it is populated by AI-powered avatars, making it the first AAA-inhabited metaverse. These AI avatars are integral in enabling social networking and content creation within virtual worlds for both users and artists.

AI avatar and Sensorium press secretary Yonaka provided an in-depth explanation of the company’s metaverse principles. Yonaka explained that Sensorium had showcased its generative AI technology’s exceptional ability to hold contextual conversations through the Salvador Dali Experience, where users can interact with the AI avatar of the late artist Salvador Dali.

Sensorium allows users to create alternative life scenarios, build a digital self and achieve digital immortality by leaving digital footprints for future generations to interact with.

The Sensorium Galaxy is built on Unreal Engine 5, allowing it to encompass multiple virtual worlds dedicated to various forms of entertainment and curated content.

Developed in partnership with Yann Pissenem, a nightlife entertainment visionary and founder of Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza, PRISM is one such virtual world. It will feature shows by world-renowned performers, including David Guetta, Carl Cox and Black Coffee, with the first three performances scheduled for the first half of 2023.

The second half of the year will witness the introduction of MOTION, which will allow users to experience more of Sensorium Galaxy’s virtual life mechanics.

Native token and NFT drops

The SENSO token is a crucial component of Sensorium Galaxy’s metaverse activities. It will continue supporting the entire ecosystem, from premium content to NFT drops.

Scheduled for 2023, Sensorium has planned NFT drops comprising DAPP avatars and UNDER land tokens. These digital assets will be integrated into Sensorium’s decentralized platform, enabling users to own their assets and have complete decision-making authority over their virtual possessions. Starship and UNDER will be the first two virtual environments in the Sensorium ecosystem to leverage Web3 capabilities.

Sensorium is making all of its blockchain-based activities VR-compatible. Sensorium Galaxy can be accessed via Steam, where users can try the public playtest of the metaverse and the Sensorium Galaxy mobile app. Full cross-platform access, including desktop, will be available later this year.

About Sensorium

Based in Switzerland, Sensorium develops immersive virtual experiences using advanced XR and AI technology for entertainment and social interaction.

Its flagship product, Sensorium Galaxy, is a global XR multiplayer platform that offers multi-sensory experiences across various content hubs, including musical events in the PRISM world, self-discovery programs in MOTION and social interaction with AI-powered virtual beings.

The company collaborates with top technology and entertainment partners to create metaverse environments and content.