SnowRunner Is A Truckin Good Time

Life of a Trucker

SnowRunner is a sandbox-style truck simulator that puts you in control of various vehicles to carry loads. Traversing treacherous routes in Michigan, Alaska and more will force you to choose the best decked-out automobile for the job.

Patience and proper planning will be greatly rewarded, whereas rushing a delivery will likely land you flipped or stuck. Originally released in April 2020, the May release of SnowRunner was welcomed as it followed in the footsteps of PC/console porting to the Switch as its predecessor, “MudRunner.”

SnowRunner Is A Truckin Good Time
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How Does One Go About Trucking?

Driving your truck, you’ll be in charge of changing gears to best suit your speed and terrain.
Keep an eye on your fuel as well. Be sure you set out on your journeys with an ample amount (or make a pitstop if needed), as it’ll be very frustrating to fail a delivery for something that could’ve been easily avoided. Remember that revving your engine through thick mud will eat up more of your fuel.

Be sure to use your all-wheel drive (if applicable in your truck) in situations like this. If that fails, you can attempt to tow your truck out if you can attach a hook to a nearby tree.

You can also use this hook to pull out cargo and new vehicles that have gotten stuck themselves. Doing this and attaching winches and trailers can all be done through a quick menu selection. As you complete missions, you’ll earn money that can be spent to upgrade your vehicles, but you will also have to be at the appropriate level to buy certain attachments.

This can be frustrating if you have a ton of cash but have to complete more levels to unlock an attachment that would’ve helped you with said levels you just completed.

Minor Potholes, But a Fun Ride

In Snowrunner, you can really feel and hear the weight of heavy duty trucks as they push up large hills and trudge through mud. The visuals are pretty good as well for a simulator title, though water feels somewhat two-dimensional physics-wise. Mods are also available to trick out your ride and adventure through new maps. Aside from some finicky camera controls and an occasionally buggy UI, everything flows well in terms of controls.

The deliveries never seem like an impossible feat. If you fail, you know that you’ve likely poorly equipped your rig or rushed a route. This simulator knows that it doesn’t have to reinvent the truck tire. You’ll get a variety of environments, a slew of customization options on a variety of trucks and the delivery of a sense of accomplishment after every successful transfer of goods/materials/etc. Any vehicle simulator enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy their time in SnowRunner.

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Written by Trevor Forrest